This € 0.50 coin is worth € 169,950 – here’s which one. “Crazy”

There is a coin of only 0.50 cents of Euro that invests a huge value. Of course, it is a coin with minting errors, and this means that its value cannot be certified until it is actually acquired by someone. This is in fact the correct valuation method for coins with minting errors: the value is defined by the purchase price.

The request for this coin is 169,950 euros: will it be worth them? Certainly its peculiarities seem truly unique and at first superficial glance it seems incredible that there are other examples. But what cannot be excluded: will you also start checking all the coins that pass through your hands?

The 50 cents worth € 169.950: the coin

As you may have guessed from the photo, we are talking about a 50-cent euro coin issued by the Italian Republic. The original design imprinted on the reverse is certainly known to most. We are talking about the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, from the Roman era, placed at the center of the geometric design whose author is Michelangelo Buonarroti, a leading exponent of the Italian Renaissance. The whole is located in the center of Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome. This was the design chosen by Italy for the 50 cent coin at the advent of the Euro, together with other works of art that are particularly significant for our history.

The coin has minting errors probably due to a single matrix. In fact, the lack of various details in the upper left quadrant of the reverse is present, almost certainly the result of an inaccurate, off-axis or too light impression. The absent features are 5 of the 12 stars that symbolize the founding states of the EU; the monogram R indicating the Mint of Rome, and the horse’s tail of the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius. The owner of this coin sells it at auction on Ebay for € 169.950.

Is this coin really worth that much?

The minting error presented is very evident, it seems credible and the coin looks like a truly unique piece. The perplexities can arise only because the online auctions do not give any guarantee to the buyer. Sellers always protect themselves with the form of “seen and liked”, and it is practically never possible to view the coin closely.

This last operation, perhaps done with the help of a numismatic expert, would be essential to ensure that the minting error is authentic. And that is that there are no graphic manipulations of the photo of the coin, and that the deficiencies are not due to wear in that specific point.

The required value, as we have said, is hardly questionable: there is no regulation of the market for minting errors and the owner is free to ask as much as he wants. It is desirable, in all probability and in a greater way, to find another coin with these peculiarities, compared to risking an online purchase for such a significant amount.

50 cents 169.950 euros

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