“This even hurts my soul to think”

The Spanish press advanced that Cristiano Ronaldo put hyaluronic acid in his private parts and the matter was commented on by António Bravo, Gonçalo Quinaz and Luísa Castel-Branco in ‘Two at 10’.

António Bravo was incredulous with the news that Cristiano Ronaldo put botox on his genitals and gave his opinion on TVI’s morning.

“This even hurts my soul to think! The botox here, the bites, I’ve already done it and it didn’t hurt that much, but imagine what they do here [na cara], down there. I don’t know why you need to…”began by saying.

Maria Botelho Moniz pointed out that the magazines say that the Portuguese ace did it due to the underwear campaigns he makes and Luísa Castel-Branco shot: “For photography you put a wad“.

Gonçalo Quinaz confessed that he does not believe the news. “In Spain, as a rule, a lot has been invented about Cristiano for many years and, almost always, they are not good things. Now this one caught us all off guard […] I do not at all believe that this is true, if by some eventuality it is true and if he feels well, a lot of strength”, said.

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