This fairytale castle is for sale and costs a trifle

A dream structure by definition, the castle. Anyone, at least in childhood, has dreamed of living in one, and whether it was that of the Sword in the Stone or of Sissi it does not matter. Today, however, having one of your own is really possible. And not just for those with exorbitant figures.

Of course, it is obvious that those who have tens of millions of euros in their checking account could buy themselves a small castle. But in this specific case – the Wichita Caste – it costs much less. Not much more than a house in the city. How is it possible? Yet there is talk of “Campbell’s Castle”, built from 1886 to 1888 by Colonel Burton Harvey Campbell and his wife Ellen.

The structure is anything but humble: 19 bathrooms, two towers, 17 large bedrooms, a dozen of dining rooms and living rooms, and infinite passageways and underground spaces. Not to mention the large wooded land in which it stands out, because this is also included in the price.


The huge residence has been on the market for a few days, but it is likely that it will not stay there for long: because it costs very little. Only $ 3.5 million, which means that if you bought it with a group of friends having a room and a bathroom each, you would spend only $ 200,000, less than € 200,000 per person.

The images are incredible, and give the idea of ​​the magnificence of a house like this. A castle in the US, however, is a rarity: castles are usually found in Europe. But, as local newspapers write, there is a reason, it would be an “authentic reproduction of a Richardsonian Romanesque Scottish castle”,

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