this fall, experts are betting on this famous token!

Another cloudy day in crypto. While exchange platforms could be at their worst, the Base blockchain is struggling to recover from its recent outage. Meanwhile, new ETFs are being debated, Ethereum would have some surprises in store for us for the month of October, Justin Bieber is launching a rather special NFT collection and the token burn is coming soon to Shibarium.

Base blockchain crashes

Only a month before its launch, the Base blockchain offered by Coinbase has just suffered the first outage in its history. This lasted 45 minutes and, according to the technical managers of the crypto project, was due to a block generation problem.

However, this incident demonstrated that the blockchain in question would not be as reliable as it claims…

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Ethereum, the big winner this fall?

While the return of the bull market is long overdue, some experts are already looking for the nugget that will allow them to make their fortune in the months to come. Look no further: according to some, the cryptocurrency in question is already there and it is simply Ethereum!

However, on the competition side, Bitcoin would not be as lost as many believe. Indeed, the little orange coin is not left out when it comes to making its investors’ fortunes. Will it therefore succeed in countering the predictions of ETH admirers?

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Justin Bieber revives the fashion for NFTs in crypto

We thought they were lost but it seems that the wind is now blowing in another direction for non-fungible tokens! The famous singer Justin Bieber has indeed announced the launch of a collection of 2000 NFTs which will allow their buyers to obtain royalties on his works.

Source: Goku’s X Account

The initiative is the subject of debate, at a time when many artists are embarking on a fierce fight to retain their rights and the money that goes with them…

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Beware of the cataclysm of Ethereum ETFs!

While the crypto sphere eagerly awaits the approval of Bitcoin ETFs and their opening, several candidate companies are now turning their attention to Ethereum ETFs. The latest file to date, the Ark Invest proposal is causing a lot of talk.

Indeed, this could be the catalyst for a whole new phenomenon in crypto!

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Ethereum ETF

Token burn is imminent for Shibarium

This is perhaps the most anticipated event in the Shiba Inu community after the opening of Shibarium: the main developer of the crypto project announced the imminent arrival of a token burn portal. The news brought some life back to a declining SHIB.

shiba inu lessons
Source: SHIB weekly price according to CoinMarketCap

However, according to the Shibarium team, this new feature will not be the most effective in making Shiba Inu explode…

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Crypto platforms are the bad news of the industry

This is news which is enough to confirm the fears of certain crypto companies: exchange platforms would no longer be as popular as they were before. Even worse, according to a recent report, members of the industry are increasingly turning away from them and those who do not use digital currencies consider them to be the least reliable contacts!

Despite this phenomenon, Binance continues to show its white credentials in its own way in order to regain the trust of governments as well as its users. However, his latest initiative will not please everyone.

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The moral of the story: sometimes crypto losers can become winners again.


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