This famous lotion is perfect for irritated and rough skin. It is used by Charlize Theron, Meghan Markle, Nicole Kidman and Beyoncé

Dry skin after the sun? Or maybe every year you have a problem with a rough complexion at the beginning of the heating season, when temperatures are constantly changing? There is a way, and moreover, this product is recommended by the stars. It is a certain lotion that can be applied both to the face and body.

We have a huge selection of care products on the market, but what to choose when everything is supposedly so good? In addition to reading the ingredients and properties of a given cosmetic, many of us still rely on recommendations – from friends, Internet users and celebrities. Yes, celebrities still have this “power” in them. And we don’t mean recommending brands with which a given actress or singer has a contract for a large sum. It is more and more common for famous women to admit what they use on a daily basis and why. Despite working on plans and a team of make-up artists and stylists, they are also consumers and often struggle with skin problems. In addition, it happens that unrelated celebrities use the same product. This cosmetic will be useful to most of us, especially when it is necessary to “save” the skin through the dry air from the heaters. What is this?

This famous lotion is perfect for irritated and rough skin. It is used by Charlize Theron, Meghan Markle, Nicole Kidman and Beyoncé

Each of them can boast a perfect complexion. Who are we talking about? Charlize Theron, Meghan Markle, Nicole Kidman and Beyoncé have one common secret, and that is … body and face lotion. Yes, this is not a mistake – this cosmetic is so thick that it cannot be called “ordinary” cream. What’s more, we can easily buy it in Poland and at a good price. It will appeal especially to people struggling with dry or cracked skin, in need of immediate regeneration and strong hydration. One cosmetic meets all these conditions! Queen Bee smears it every evening (“I’m going to bed being all fat from him“- the artist admitted in an interview with ELLE US). Make-up artist Daniel Martin used it when Meghan Markle was married to Prince Harry, which gave the skin a natural illumination effect. “It will give you the same texture when applied pointwise to your face“- the make-up artist revealed in E! Online. Charlize Theron uses it throughout his family: “The doctor recommended him for Jakcson. When I started applying it to him, I noticed that it also gives great results as a hand cream or lip balm “. Nicole Kidman, on the other hand, stated that although she loves the iconic La Mer cream, she often exchanges it for this product. Reason? The actress has dry skin and this is one of her favorite proven skin care cosmetics. The stars recommend the famous Eucerin Aquaphor.

“The regenerating balm creates a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, enabling it to breathe, and thus stimulates its regeneration. Moisturizing and soothing substances restore the skin’s optimal level of hydration and a healthy appearance. Its effectiveness has been confirmed in clinical trials.“- promises the manufacturer. Reading the comments on forums, it must be true. The formula of Eucerin balm is based on glycerin and panthenol. It can be applied to the entire face or topically, depending on the needs or preferences. It is available in two versions: 45 ml and 198 ml .

Eucerin Aquaphor Lotion. Product reviews

“When I tried this lotion for the first time with a friend, I was delighted. I already have my own lotion and you can really see the difference on the skin. It is nourished, well moisturized – just beautiful”.

“The product worked very well on my allergic skin. It’s great for moisturizing, it works well on dry places, even feet.”

“The consistency is similar to petroleum jelly, but it certainly has better properties. Perfect for very dry skin. I burned from the sun and my skin started to peel off, so I smeared myself with this cream and it’s amazing relief. You can’t see that the skin is peeling and maybe it is moisturized and soothed , I recommend.”

“I found this brand by accident and so far it has hit the bull’s eye. All the products work really great, most importantly, they do not irritate. I am delighted with this balm, my skin simply loves it.”

“I love it, some time ago I used a cream for discoloration, now I bought this one for cracked places. It regenerated the skin on my wrists and elbows after a week of use, I recommend it!”

“I have been looking for the perfect lotion for a long time for my dry and very irritated skin. I use Eucerin Aquaphor lotion mainly at night, and in the morning my skin is perfectly moisturized. Only this lotion has soothed my problem skin and makes me feel more confident. For me, a plus for me. the fact that it is practically odorless. I recommend it to people with very dry and irritated skin! “

“I use the lotion especially in winter, when my hands need very strong hydration. This product can work wonders, the skin is immediately nourished and deeply moisturized. The consistency is thick and oily. A great product, worth every penny.”

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