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To try it is to adopt it !

Have you ever heard of bad shoe theory, also known as the “wrong shoe theory”? For several weeks, TikTok fashionistas have been racing about this new stylistic rule that promises to instantly elevate your fashion quotient. If fashionistas already swear by this technique, it would also be valid for these gentlemen. But what does it consist of? As its name suggests, this trick developed by the stylist and influencer Allison Bornstein, comes down to composing your outfits by associating them with shoes that have nothing to do with sauerkraut, to give rise to more original and eccentric compositions that will allow you to stand out from ordinary mortals. More concretely, it will be for example for a man to wear sneakers with a suit, moccasins with a sporty outfit, boots with shorts or even flip-flops with jeans. The idea is to create mixes of things that aren’t supposed to go together and that will make your looks more offbeat.

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How to apply the bad shoe theory to men?

To apply this theory that obsesses the fashion world, it will therefore be necessary first to compose a small selection of everyday shoes that gives pride of place to all genres to allow you to rotate according to your outfits. In reality, only four pairs of shoes may suffice: a pair of sports sneakers, a pair of more formal shoes (loafers, derbies, oxfords, etc.), a pair of casual shoes (mules or sandals) and a nice pair of boots or ankle boots. Essentials that will serve as a basis for establishing different associations that are out of the ordinary.

You will then have to dare to think outside the box and out of your comfort zone by avoiding the total look and taking risks. If you hadn’t thought of matching those nylon sports shorts and your chunky white socks with your most beautiful patent leather loafers, well, that’s exactly the direction you have to go. It’s completely normal at first to worry about looking ridiculous, but it’s precisely this risk-taking that will make you stand out. To limit them, be sure to bet on fashionable shoe models that surf on the trends of the moment and there is no doubt that you will be the most stylish in the office at the start of the school year!

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