This fashionable dress on sale in Lidl is a hit! It costs only 9.99 PLN. It is similar in Reserved

Winter is also a good time to wear dresses. In combination with a warm coat, they look very feminine and stylish. Now on sale in Lidl you will find a timeless model for long sleeves, which costs only PLN 9.99. It spreads like hot cakes! Similar models are also available in well-known chain stores. Look for them in Orsay and Reserved.

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Panther print dress – summer dress with an animal pattern

This Lidl dress for PLN 9.99 is a hit! It is feminine and timeless

At Lidl, you will find an airy women’s dress with flowers on sale. It has long sleeves, so it will be perfect for any weather. It goes well with coats and jackets, but also boots and boots. It has a navy blue color and emphasizes the waist thanks to a decorative belt. It is made of 100 percent polyester. You can buy it in sizes from 34 to 46, so it will also be good for a plus size figure.

Katarzyna CichopekKatarzyna Cichopek in styling for the winter with a fashionable hat

Lidl dressLidl dress Lidl

Stylish women’s dress also in Reserved. This cut is perfect for any occasion

In spring, summer and autumn, balloon sleeves reigned supreme. No wonder this element of many outfits is also popular in winter. The dress from Reserved has it, which slightly resembles the above proposal. It is also floral, has a ruffle at the waist and a flared hem. V-neckline and puffed shoulders add class to her. The dress is set in purple shades. Its price is PLN 99.99.

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women's dresswomen’s dress Reserved

Floral dress also in Orsay. This cut has translucent sleeves

Floral dresses in winter? why not! This model is timeless and very fashionable. It is distinguished by transparent sleeves and midi length. The dress will perfectly emphasize the waist and will be a hit on a date or family dinner. It is in a dark color and costs PLN 119.99.

women's dresswomen’s dress Orsay

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