This French film, disliked by the audience, has reached No. 1 in the top Netflix

Seven years after its theatrical release, this French comedy is enjoying a second life on Netflix by winning No. 1 on the top most watched movies list. Holy Revenge of this feature film disliked by the audience.

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As of July 1, customers Netflix view or review all the shoes with Jose Garcia. The 57-year-old actor plays Max Salinger, a brash and cocky bestselling author who refuses to welcome his 15-year-old daughter, Rosalie (Manon Valentin). To avoid following his mother and stepfather, who were moving to the provinces, he thought of staying with his father. Facing her father’s refusal, the teenager steals his last manuscript before leaving for Snow class. Max has no choice but to accompany her to the ski resort to get it back. Rosalie agrees to return the manuscript to him, on the condition that he will become her visiting parent for the week. Seven years after its theatrical release, This comedy, which did not have the expected success with the audience, topped the most popular movies on Netflix in France before falling to third place.

,a pale copy of bronze is skiing“: A comedy loved by the audience

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If the comedy is a hit on Netflix today, it wasn’t at all like that when it was released. ,The landscapes of the snow-capped French mountains are spectacular. Everything else speaks for itself. Or, All we can say is that everything has already been seen, bad, predictable, played very badly, with absolutely disastrous josé garcía in a role that’s full of misunderstandings and never funnyThis viewer wrote on the site Elocene, ,How can you call this a film? No, but it is a crime against humanity. it’s useless! But really bad… we’ve been stuck in the clichés of French comedy for a few years“, commented another viewer. Opinions that were also shared by other French viewers.”This is a very pale copy of the Bronze Skiing, Youth playing well, but Jose Garcia is overdoing it,is here very bad comedy, We’re bored, it’s badly done, it’s stupid and it’s not even funny,

all the shoes : Tremendous flop for this comedy with Jose Garcia

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released along with creedThe first opus of the spin-off rockyIn the film with Jose Garcia, Michael B. There was no chance before Jordan and Sylvester Stallone. If the American production gathered more than 600,000 spectators in its first week of operation, for the French comedy it registered only 200,000 admissions. After eight weeks of exploitation, the film gathered 532,966 viewers. A new failure for Jose Garcia after comedy Fonzie,

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