This hair mask is a nugget for the most damaged hair and it is less than 10 euros – Grazia

Whether your hair is textured or not, it needs special attention. This mask is here for all of us!

You don’t have to look far to get hair that’s full of life. If we think we are doing well by investing in expensive products thinking that they are synonymous with optimal efficiency, fortunately, some brands know how to create great products that combine ingredients that can boost hair length. This is the case of the Italian range Alama Professional which has innovated by creating a miraculous hair mask, very effective and at a low price.

The hair mask for less than 10 euros

Less than 10 euros is what the most popular hair mask of the moment costs. This mask promises to restore texture to your hair and is perfect for dry and dehydrated hair. Its clean composition without sulfates, without parabens and without dyes adapts to most hair. Thanks to its keratin content, the care Alama Professional Hydra will act by forming a protective film on the hair. Its little extra, it contains argan oil which will coat the hair.

With summer and the sun, heat, humidity or pollution, our hair is weakened. They become dry and brittle and beware of hair loss! Whatever their nature or texture, it is important to make a hair mask and contrary to popular belief, to leave it on BEFORE shampooing. The hair mask will repair and nourish the scalp, deeply and durably. The composition is important so as not to weigh down the hair or, on the contrary, dry it out. Check that it contains components such as vitamin, oils or hyaluronic acid.

How to apply your hair mask?

  • Apply the treatment to damp hair over the entire length of your hair
  • Let it rest for at least 5 minutes
  • Another option: let it sit for thirty minutes for best results before shampooing.

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