this hero of the series is inspired by a French pirate who really existed!



Did you know that one of the heroes of the manga One Piece is inspired by a real life pirate? Well yes, one of the characters from the emblematic work ofEiichiro Oda pays homage to an authentic 17th century French filibuster, bearing the name of François l’Olonnais.

Born in 1630 in Les Sables-d’Olonne, this legendary pirate whose real name remains unknown lived an extraordinary existence, made up of bloody battles, looting and conquests in South American and Caribbean territories.

Driven by an unlimited hatred against the Spaniards, François l’Ollonais was given the nickname of “François the cruel”, because of his pronounced taste for torture and other physical abuse against his prisoners. He died at only 39 years old, captured and devoured by Indian cannibals according to legend.

However, it was not his cruelty that inspired Roronoa Zoro, the swordsman of One Piece, but his skills in the art of the sword. The name of the character Roronoa (“R” and “L” are pronounced the same in Japaneselisten)) also refers to the family name of François l’Ollonais, sometimes pronounced “Lolona” by his Spanish enemies.

Other One Piece heroes are also inspired by real people, mostly from the world of film or music. Thus, Sanji draws his features from the American actor Steve BuscemiNami’s appearance pays homage to Winona RyderAnd Leonardo DiCaprio young in…

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