This hilarious and underrated series can be watched in less than 4 hours

Amidst all the movies and series available on Prime Video, subscribers have definitely missed out on this little Aussie nugget that can be watched in less than four hours.

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Like its main competitors, amazon prime video Has a rich catalogue. On the film side, the client has been spoiled with the posting of five James Bond protests with Daniel Craig, the last installment of Spider-Man’s adventures with Tom Holland and Zendaya, and the first three films. john wick, You can also watch Cult Comedy Montparnasse Tower, Scooby-doo, Shrek and its sequel Ghostbusters: The Legacy or peplum the Gladiator, On the series side, the American platform is filled with older productions such as cold case, smallville, shameless, Or the scott brothersand new original constructions like citadel And house of the dragon, But Be careful not to miss something like Comedy from callin accountsWhich can be seen in just four hours,

from callin accounts : A comedy straight from Australia

In from callin accounts, Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brummall incarnate on screen as Ashley, a medical student, and Gordon, the director of a brewery, respectively, the couple in the city. The protagonist’s life changes when the latter has a real crush on the young woman while crossing the road. Gordon is so taken aback by Ashley’s beauty that he accidentally bumps into a border terrier. The heroes quickly head to the vet, who tells them that the animal has severe spinal wounds. Instead of leaving the dog in a foster home, Gordon and Ashley decide to share custody. They name the dog “Colin From Accounts” and begin a beautiful love story.

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from callin accounts : Will there be a second season of the series?

For now, CBS Studios has not confirmed the development of a second season of the comedy. If the production company decides to renew the series, fans may wait a while before finding out as most television fiction is put on hold due to the writers’ strike. Since May 3, thousands of American screenwriters have gone on strike due to the failure of talks between the WGA union and representatives of studios, TV channels and streaming platforms. More than a month after their complete shutdown of activity, the conflict between the screenwriters and the Alliance Motion Picture and Television Producers continues.

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