This Huge Video Game Adaptation Objected Upon Release, But It’s Ranked No. 1

More than a year after it was released in cinemas, this adaptation of a famous video game series has finally come to streaming. Had the film not met with the expected success in the press, it hits Prime Video today.

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On July 21, prime video Two new releases added to its extensive catalog including event film unresolved, Based on a series of video games, the feature film follows a young man named Nathan Drake (Tom Holland), who goes in search of a 500-year-old treasure with his mentor, Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg). This fortune hunter had previously collaborated with Samuel Drake, Nathan’s brother, to find the treasure hidden by Ferdinand Magellan’s crew. Featuring two of the box office stalwarts, unresolved went straight to the top of the most watched movies on Prime Video, The vengeance of this feature film was exposed by the French press more than a year ago,

unknown,”a common byproduct of adventure cinema,

If the film was a success at the box office, the same cannot be said for Press. For World, unresolved was just”Stepped into his unusual ambition: adapting a video game inspired by cinema, le figaroOn his part, he had tackled the actors’ game. ,Holland doesn’t let go of his good smile, Wahlberg rolls the mechanics without believing too much of it. Inspired by a video game franchise, this $120 million film could be the start of a new saga. Next Mission: Find a Scenario“, commented the daily. Magazine Les Inrockuptibles Ruben Fleischer’s film is called “Lambda by-product of adventure cinema“, because of “its inexplicable mediocrity, its complete lack of writing density, its excruciatingly silly dialogue and its not always forgivable narrative artifacts,

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unresolved : Will there be a sequel to the Tom Holland film?

due to the success ofunresolvedIn both the United States and Europe, Sony Pictures Entertainment boss Tom Rothman considered making the film a franchise with one or more sequels. ,With over $100 million worldwide in a single weekend and a 90% positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, Uncharted is a new blockbuster film franchise for the company.“, he said in a letter to his employees. If, at the moment, a sequel project has not been formalized by the Sony studio, director Ruben Fleischer confessed during a press conference that he hopes to make a second opus.

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