This improbable trick imagined by the stars to earn money in the middle of a strike in Hollywood Lemberger Zeitung

Led by strong figures such as Fran Descher (yes, the “Nanny from hell”, also president of the actors’ union), the strike uniting the Writers Guild of America (the union of American screenwriters) and SAG-AFTRA ( union of actors mentioned above), continues more beautiful over the weeks.

And the artists mobilized can count on the support of big names. Like Dwayne Johnson, who presented the American Actors Union with the largest individual donation ever – in seven figures! Or Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Griffinwho backed the Entertainment Community Fund initiative, providing financial relief to workers in the industry, with a big fat check for $1 million.

>> Dwayne Johnson surprises everyone by getting involved in a cause at the heart of the news (and dropping a 7-figure check!) <<

But to ensure the income of which they are deprived during a strike, the actors have also implemented an idea to say the least… Singular. To know ? Sell ​​video signings!

>> The creator of the Griffins and American Dad makes a powerful gesture in the midst of a strike by screenwriters and actors <<

“To pay a star in video”

To ensure the continuation of this mobilization, there are many celebrities for sale… Video dedications. The idea is simple. These are personalized videos aimed at the public, relayed on sites specializing in the subject for years, such as Cameo. Among the celebrities concerned, we can already count on Elijah Wood, Dean Norris, the Hank of breaking Badbut also David Arquette (Scream), Brian Cox…

>> Stephen Amell dares to criticize the strike of actors and screenwriters, he alienates all of Hollywood… then tries to justify himself <<

A nice parade of name dropping then.

And that’s not all, because as BFM TV relates, they would be no less than 2,400 Hollywood comedians to have recently registered on this kind of platform. But what exactly are these personalized videos? Simple: they range from a congratulatory message to “Happy birthday“.

And does it pay a lot? Not bad: between 5 and 25,000 dollars in the pocket of the star in question, specifies BFM Business. How can such a pay gap be explained? You suspect the answer: it depends on your notoriety as a star. Hard, but logical.

The Cameo site has been a hit for years. Already in 2020, Le Point was surprised by the success of this platform which offers “pay for a video star“. Among which Lindsay Lohan (276 euros the personalized dedication), David Hasselhoff (at very variable prices), the footballer Roberto Carlos (138 euros the video). A market initiated in 2017 and which would generate tens of thousands of orders per week .

And given the current strike movement, it’s not ready to stop…

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