this infallible technique to burn 1000 calories in just 30 minutes

We are all looking for a way to lose weight without resorting to strict diets and spending hours in the gym. The new technology discussed here can make us deplete our energy very quickly: 1000 calories in just 30 to 40 minutes of effort. That’s what Infraslim’s Infrared Bike promises.

Infraslim: what is it exactly?

The Infraslim procedure is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses the infrared light technology to specifically target certain areas of the body. This method aims to reduce the appearance of cellulite, promote weight loss, firm the skin and improve blood circulation. Infraslim treatments can be performed at specialty spas or wellness centers, and they are often considered a non-surgical alternative to improving skin appearance and definition.

Infraslim: how does it work?

Infraslim sessions are based oninfratherapythat is to say, the diffusion of infrared rays in the capsule where the legs pedal. You can adjust the temperature directly on the screen, but it can go up to 55 degrees. The infrared rays relax the muscles and thus prevent soreness. These stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, while boosting the metabolism. The heat being high, the body sweats more and eliminates toxins (…)

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