this international star fan of the show? Caroline Margeridon swings, “It seems that she…”

Caroline Margeridon is a special personality in the universe of the show Deal done. Although she was never the presenter of the program, she is also known as Sophie Davant and, soon, the new animator, Julia Vignali.

It must be said that the buyer does not hesitate to expose herself in the media. This behavior has also earned him some warnings from Sophie Davant. The latter feared that Caroline Margeridon burns his wings. Be that as it may, she is still present in the media, and has just delivered crisp information on the show.

Caroline Margeridon admits that an international star is a fan of the show Deal done

While most French people went on vacation this summer, Caroline Margeridon preferred to participate in the game show Fort Boyard. Shortly after, she gave an interview to journalists from Galain which she has talked about his family life and his dream vacation.

Above all, she delivered unexpected information about the show Deal done. According to her, a star particularly appreciates the France 2 program. “It seems that she watches ‘Closed Deal’ every day and that she likes me a lot”said Caroline Margeridon to journalists from Closer. “Isn’t that chic? »

An icon of French cinema

This star that Caroline Margeridon talks about is none other than Brigitte Bardot. The buyer cited her name when reporters from Closer asked her which personality she would invite for an aperitif. She did not, however, say more about the reason for her choice.

However, Brigitte Bardot is not the only star to which Caroline Margeridon has declared herself attached. She also revealed that she would not hesitate to approach Beyoncé if she takes the opportunity. “I would ask him to teach me to dance! »she laughed.

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New secrets about his private life

His last interviews in July also made it possible to learn more about the private life of Caroline Margeridon. The famous buyer of the show Deal done indulged on her vacation. “The time when I am happiest is when I am with my children”she said in particular.

Caroline Margeridon is, in fact, the mother of two children, Alexandre and Victoire. They were born from his union with the jockey Gérald Mossé. Their couple did not survive over the years, since they divorced a few years after their birth. I’m so proud of them, their kindness, their beautiful soulsshe confided in the columns of Gala last May.

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