This is how he saved his life after hitting rock bottom and walking away from football

Freddy Guarin has seen the light again. The footballer who has shone in the Colombian national team for the past decade has managed to move on after a serious crisis that kept him away from football and caused him a lot of pain.

“For some time I have had a problem with alcohol, I admit it. It has always been a problem in my personal life. For some time I have been working, Excessive alcohol is a huge problem. I began to associate it with family and personal situations, and this did not give the best results. I would say it gave the worst results. There came a moment and a time when I had to say what I wanted from my life. The time has come for a healthy and calm life”, recognized Guarin in a conversation with ‘Caracol Radio’ last year.

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And this 2023, the talented midfielder has shown that you can, almost literally, “A New Year and a New Life”.

This is how Freddy Guarin got cured

Since he decided to step away from the limelight to focus on his recovery process, Guarin has shown many signs of resilience.

Backed by his faith, the midfielder who stood up with Porto de Portugal managed to go from illusion to reality.

Advised in a comprehensive process, Guarin came to realize the hope of restarting his life, Thus, with ideas from figures such as Mexican motivator Daniel Habif, footballers – still thirsty to return to the pitches – returned to ‘entering the game’.

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Similarly, according to his environment, the role of his new companion, the vet Pauleth PastranaIt has been transcendental.

The trust and love that Guarin has found in Pastrana is another motivation to keep going. This, of course, added to the affection he felt for his son.

Nowadays, The calmness of his face seems to best demonstrate that Guérin lives another life today.

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Gurin’s day

at the last minute, Guarin has dedicated himself to managing his businesses and spending time with family and friends.


In the list of professions, the barber shop ‘Club de Caballeros’, the shared taste for horses with his girlfriend and the success of ‘G Level’ in real estate are prominent.

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