“This is how it happens in television business” – Łukasz Jurkowski about his separation from KSW

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Łukasz Jurkowski, who has ended his adventure with commenting on the KSW galas, will continue to work as a commentator on other combat sports events.

Łukasz Jurkowski, who has been commenting live on KSW events for years, will no longer do it from the next gala. Due to the separation of the KSW organization from Polsat TV and the transition to the Viaplay platform, the largest Polish MMA brand will have to organize a new duo of commentators for its gala events. It is not known who will replace Łukasz Jurkowski and Andrzej Janisz in this role, who for many years worked behind microphones during round cage fights.

After the new KSW media partnership was officially announced, Łukasz Jurkowski wrote on Instagram:

Guys, it’s okay to talk. You know. I know. Thanks for a fun time and good luck with the new chapter.

Thanks to everyone for a kind word, but that’s the way it is in TV business. Nothing lasts forever! I’m glad that some of the lyrics have become iconic over the years. It’s not the end, so it’s easy. We hear each other on many other occasions, and when something ends, something begins… then soon we also hear in fist rings!

Łukasz Jurkowski has been associated with the KSW brand since the number one gala, during which he won the entire tournament and became the first champion of this organization. Then, in a duet with Andrzej Janisz, for years he commented on the fights taking place in the white ring, and then in the round cage.

Today, the popular “Juras” comments on many other events, including UFC and FEN galas. He is also the host of the popular program Koloseum on Polsat Sport.

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