This is how Kubacki behaved after the fateful competition

Dawid Kubacki will not have good memories of Sunday’s individual World Cup competition in Wisła. The winner of the 4-Hills-Tournament 2020 did not qualify for the second round. Despite this, he kept great class after his jump.

Igor Kubiak

Igor Kubiak

Dawid Kubacki poses for photos with fans in Wisła

Twitter / / Dawid Kubacki poses for photos with fans in Wisła

It was not a successful weekend for Poles. Kamil Stoch did the best in the individual competition in Wisła, taking the 11th place. On the other hand, Dawid Kubacki was only placed 32nd, so he did not qualify for the final series.

The 31-year-old may have been frustrated with his performance, but he did not forget about the fans who visited the Vistula in large numbers. The recording with the participation of Kubacki and fans on the network was posted by Filip Czyszanowski from TVP Sport.

“Dawid Kubacki, class in relations with fans. He took pictures after the terrible weekend for a good half an hour. Of course, he kept his distance” – wrote the journalist next to the recording (see below).

The film actually shows that Kubacki clearly moves away from the fans who want to take a picture with him. The jumper is also wearing a mask.

It is still unknown whether Kubacki will appear in the squad for the next World Cup competitions in Klingenthal, which will take place next weekend.

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