This is how Meghan Markle’s first wedding looked like: They smoked curves and ran naked on the beach!

Meghan Markle and her ex-husband Trevor Engelson met in 2004. Prince Harry’s current wife was only 23 years old and was at the time an aspiring actress. Trevor was 5 years older and had a slightly stronger position in show business.

It is worth mentioning that Engelson, who was very active in the film industry, helped cast his beloved in “Suits”, which gave the aspiring actress a lot of recognition. Thanks to his contacts, her career gained momentum.

The couple got engaged in 2010, and a year later their wedding took place in Jamaica. The ceremony was a bit more modest than Markle’s second wedding, because the guest list included 102 names. The wedding lasted 15 minutes, and then the guests began to celebrate. The party supposedly lasted … four days!

As “Onet Styl” recalls, the Jamaica Inn hotel was booked for guests, and Meghan and Trevor naturally stayed in the honeymoon suite. The portal also reports that there were gift packages waiting for guests, with sunscreen, lip balm, Jamaican snacks and marijuana-filled wraps inside.

The guests quickly shed their wedding dresses and changed into swimsuits, although some decided to throw off even their bikinis. The alcohol poured in streams and the guests tasted drinks served by the bartenders. Bridesmaid Markle – Ninaki Priddy confessed years later that it was the happiest day in Meghan’s life.

Unfortunately, Meghan and Trevor’s feeling did not stand the test of time. According to rumors, it was Meghan who left her husband literally overnight. Ninaka’s former friend revealed that the actress was supposed to send the former an engagement ring and wedding ring … by mail!

Did you expect her first wedding to look like this? It was slightly different from the one Prince Harry had served her.

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