This is how much the new coach of the volleyball team will earn. Twice as many as Heynen

On Wednesday in Gliwice, Sebastian Świderski will announce the names of the new coaches of the Polish national team of volleyball players. The elections took a long time. The president learned the ideas of many trainers and conducted long, difficult negotiations.

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The president of PZPS wanted a Pole for the coach of the Polish team! “I regret”

But finally we will know the names of those who will replace Vital Heynen and Jacek Nawrocki. The board of the Polish Volleyball Federation at the away meeting organized before the game Zaksa – Cucine Lube Civitanova is to confirm that the Poles will be led by Stefano Lavarini, and the Poles – Nikola Grbić.

Sebastian Świderski and Nikola GrbićŚwiderski has already chosen! Who will be the coach of the volleyball players? Formality

Long negotiations

The name of the Serb has been mentioned particularly frequently in Poland in recent months. In 2021, Grbić led Zaksa to a sensational triumph in the Champions League. And when Vital Heynen did not win a medal with the Poles at the Olympics in Tokyo, the Serb immediately began to be mentioned in the context of our national team.

Świderski claimed that he was the best candidate even before he was elected the new president of the Polish Volleyball Federation. As the head of our volleyball team, he confirmed that Grbić is the favorite.

Thus, Grbić found himself in a very good negotiating position. And as we hear, his agent has long agreed with President Świderski the financial details of the contract, which will apply until the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Heynen surprised

According to, Grbić will earn 130,000. euro per year. This is twice the amount with which Vital Heynen started working with Poland. In February 2018, the Belgian was selected because he was the best out of the three most serious candidates at the time. Heynen not only presented his coaching philosophy in an interesting way, but was also cheaper for PZPS than Piotr Gruszka and Andrzej Kowal. As we found out unofficially then, the Belgian decided that he was satisfied with a salary of 5,000. euro per month. So he was content with 60,000 euros a year.

It wasn’t until the end of his tenure that Heynen earned much more. How much – is of course a trade secret. But unofficially, it was said that he went to the Tokyo Olympics with earnings twice as high as at the start.

A new coach of the volleyball team?  He made a great sensation in TokyoA new coach of the volleyball team? He made a great sensation in Tokyo

We can pay half

That’s less than it will get Grbić now. On the other hand, Serb supposedly will not earn as much from us as Perugia pays him. And by taking over the Polish national team, Grbić runs the risk of being dismissed from the Italian club. This is because CEO Gino Sirci is against combining functions.

Marcelo Mendez, Nikola Grbić and Plame KonstantinowCandidates for the coach of the Polish team had completely different visions. Big changes

The annual salary of a Serb in one of the Serie A powers is to be 170,000. euro. This is not much when it comes to gigantic contracts for the best volleyball players in the world. Celebrities such as the ace of Perugia Wilfredo Leon earn several times more. But we hear that when it comes to coaches, only some recognized coaches working in Russia have two in front of the salary amount.

For financial reasons, it would be best for PZPS if Grbić combined work with our staff with that in Perugia. Then we would pay him half of the amount he negotiated with us. But it all depends on the bloody president of Perugia.

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