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Before Mariusz Pudzianowski started taking part in MMA fights, he was a titled strongman, he also had an episode as a rugby player in Budowlanych Łódź. However, the best times when it comes to his form are precisely when he competed in the Strongman competition.

The famous athlete does not hide that he was not gifted with great talent. He had to accomplish everything in his life with hard and sometimes heroic work. It was she who took him to the top.


“Pudzian” made a lot of money during his career. He earned 200,000 zlotys for his first fight with Marcin Najman. He has already collected over PLN 500,000 in recent fights. In 2021, he fought three duels in the KSW organization.

The beginnings, however, in the case of “Pudzian” were not easy. A dozen or so years ago, he earned money at a disco, standing at the “gate”. This was confirmed by an internet user who remembers him as a bodyguard.

Good night Mariusz, I remember you when you were a security guard at the reservoir in Rawa Mazowiecka. I used to go to discos there in the 90s – wrote an internet user on a social networking site.


How much is Pudzianowski’s estate?

The 44-year-old also has a large transport company, which is the apple of his eye, as you can see by following his social media. In addition, he has a banquet hall “U Pudziana” in Biała Rawska, which also brings him considerable profits.

A few years ago, portal estimated Mariusz Pudzianowski’s fortune at $ 8 million. It has certainly grown even larger since then.

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