This is how Rihanna showed off her big pregnancy belly

singer Rihanna She boasted to her millions of fans her huge pregnancy belly from her second child, the result of her relationship with rapper ASAP Rocky.

through your account InstagramWhere she has nearly 150 million followers, shared a carousel with several photos in which she showed off her figure.

Rihanna Flaunts Her Advanced Pregnancy With a Significant Milestone

In the snapshot, she was seen wearing a two-piece black dress from her women’s clothing brand, with which she revealed the advanced stage of pregnancy of her baby, which is as of now unknown whether it will be a boy or a girl.

The singer posed her best for the camera in the middle of what appeared to be an office, stealing all the looks from her fans.

With this publication, he took the opportunity to highlight how happy he is to celebrate five years with his venture and how successful it has been.

He wrote in the description of the post, “It is giving… call HR.”

It should be noted that the artist spent six years away from music and during that time he dedicated himself to his own ventures, which include Savagex.

Reaction of Rihanna’s followers after her pregnant pictures

After her revelation, she received thousands of hearts and comments where she was full of praise for her beauty, her project and the soon arrival of the new family member.

“Fantastic”, “Perfect”, “Impossible”, “It’s a lot with so much more”, “By God, it’s beautiful”, “What a beautiful belly”, “Almost”, “What a feeling”, ” Congratulations, It’s Almost Already”, “Best Dressed”, “I Love You”There were some messages that his fans left him.

For now, it is unknown how many months pregnant she is, but it is estimated that she is between the sixth and seventh months pregnant with her baby.

Recall that the artist announced her pregnancy in the midst of her return to music with her half-time show performance Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, the singer usually does not boast of her second pregnancy, but has also softened the social networks by showing herself in the company of her eldest son, whom she would call RZA Athelston MeyersIn honor of the rapper and producer, the leader of Wu-Tang Clan, RZA.

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