This is how the daughter of Camilo and Aveluna enjoyed

Camilo and Aveluna enjoyed a well-deserved rest and spent a family day at the beaches of Miami in the company of their daughter Indigo, Ricky Montaner -one of the singer’s brothers- and his wife, Argentine actress Steffi Roitman.

During their walk, they calmed down in the ocean and played in the sand with the baby, who celebrated his first year of life on April 6. All the while, the couple shielded themselves from the sun under an umbrella.

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One detail that caught the attention of the images is that you can see a tiny glimpse of Indigo’s face. The couple is usually very guarded about pictures of their little girl and although they have posted several photos of her in the past, they have never fully shown her face.

According to information published on the Hu portal, Indigo was covered with a blanket to prevent her from being photographed in too much detail. Despite this, both Camilo and Aveluna remained friendly to photographers.

Also, in a picture you can see the daughter of Ricardo Montaner Posing playfully in a black bathing suit and jean shorts.

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On Mother’s Day, Aveluna shared heartwarming pictures and videos to celebrate this special date. The interpreter of “Thief” illuminated various important moments of her motherhood.

In addition, the photographs revealed how large Indigo has grown, although they did not clearly show her face.

On several occasions, the couple expressed a desire not to expose their daughter to social networks until she was old enough to decide for herself.

However, through photos shared on other profiles on celebrity networks and portals, Indigo can be seen from time to time, which explains its growth and development.

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