This is not a good time to talk to Lukashenka

On Monday, the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was a guest of the “Morning talk” on television. In his opinion, currently no negotiations should be conducted with Alexander Lukashenka to stop steering the illegal immigration process, as the leader of the Belarusian regime will feel the winner of this conflict.

– This is not a good time to talk. First, Lukashenka must understand that this dispute has been lost. That he is starting to lose the conflict he has generated. He is convinced that thanks to these talks he is winning in the conflict, because European politicians, i.e. Angela Merkel, called him – said Piotr Wawrzyk. – You cannot talk about the situation on the Polish border without the participation of Poland. It has never ended well for us in history, he added.

Talks with Lukashenka

Recently, telephone conversations about the migration crisis with Lukashenka and Vladimir Putin were conducted mainly by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but also by French President Emmanuel Macron. Deputy Minister Piotr Wawrzyk believes that this was not the best move, as the leaders of Belarus and the Russian Federation consider it a weakness in Western Europe and the European Union.

– The talks that the German chancellor held with Lukashenka are surely being interpreted in their own way by the Belarusian propaganda. The idea is to show: “Europe recognizes our rule, Europe recognizes Lukashenka as president and, in addition, comes after a request.” By implication, the message for Belarusians is: “Do not fight, do not protest, because even Europe will not help you now, because Europe is on our side, the European Union comes to us after a request” – said the politician.

– On the other hand – it seems that the German government is making sure that such a message does not go to the West. Let us note that it is not said there that the interlocutor was President Alexander Lukashenka, but Mr. Lukashenka – noted Wawrzyk.

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