This is not the end of rising interest rates. Another increase, probably in December 2021.

Next week, interest rates in Poland will probably go up – estimates the Bloomberg agency based on the recent comments of the MPC members.

According to her findings over half of policymakers are in favor of bringing funding costs rapidly above pre-pandemic levels, or 1.5 percent The agency tracked the last interviews of 6 out of 10 MPC members, and in the case of the remaining ones – their public comments. The next decision on interest rates will be made by the MPC on December 8.

The rate hike is [w Polsce – red.] a rare event, and the debate about it resembles a public cacophony of wildly different arguments“- comments Bloomberg.

As Bloomberg reminds, NBP governor Adam Glapiński announced after the rate hike on November 3 that a rate hike in December is more likely than leaving them unchanged. However, the very next day he spoke in a completely different tone. Meanwhile, after the main rate was raised to 1.25% at the last two meetings, signals from policymakers indicate that ultimately, the rates may not be raised as much as investors expect.

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“December rate hike is very likely, but their target level may be lower than expected by the financial market. In our opinion, it is 2-3 percent. – comments Piotr Bujak, chief economist at PKO BP.

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