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P.on regaining freedom Britney Spears is finally not afraid to talk about the years she spent under her guardianship. Via Instagram, the star once again thanked the people who supported her, sticking a pin to Christina Aguilera at the same time.

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera met as children by participating in the Mickey Mouse Club program. A few years after the show ended, the two released their debut studio albums that made them global superstars. Along with the growing popularity of the vocalists, they lost contact, but they were always eager to comment on their professional activities in interviews. A few days ago, Christina Aguilera showed up at the Latin Grammys. When asked if she communicated in any way with Britney Spears after her victory in court, she declined to reply. It was not missed by Britney Spears, who included an interview excerpt on the stories and criticized the people who remained silent.

“I love and appreciate everyone who has supported me. But to refuse to answer when you know the truth is tantamount to lying !!! Being 13 years in a corrupt, abusive and corrupt system – why is this such a difficult topic for people ??? I went through it !!! To everyone who spoke and supported me – thank you … Yes, I do count !!! “ – she wrote.

In the next story, the star quoted a fragment of an interview with Lady Gaga, which took place during the premiere of the film “Gucci House” in Miliana. The artist thanked her colleague from the industry for the words of support.

“Thank you for taking the time to say such nice things. I cried!!! I love you!!!” – she confessed.

Interestingly, a storm broke out on social media. Xtina fans recalled that it was their idol who posted an entry on the “Free Britney” movement on social media, while Lady Gaga remained silent until it was announced that Britney Spears had regained her freedom.

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