This is the end of the conspiracy of silence! Meghan and Harry’s employees finally said how they were treated!

After the famous interview with Oprah, many people felt sorry for Meghan for how she was allegedly treated by the royal family. The Duchess confided that no one cared about her poor mental health and even hinted that they were to be racist.

The royal family denied everything and expressed regret that Meghan felt rejected when she needed help with her health. Of course, it is not known what the truth is, but the testimonies of her employees also speak to the disadvantage of the duchess.

I must admit that Meghan had a difficult start from the very beginning. Not only is she not even British, it turned out that she is divorced! Although at the beginning she tried to adapt to the prevailing rules, the media quickly began to score all her mistakes.

There have also been rumors of mobbing against palace employees for some time. Foreign media reported that the duchess was to make them cry and treated them with contempt. These reports are completely contradicted by Meghan’s public appearances, where she showed her gentle face.

One of the palace employees in an interview with the press said that Meghan still acts as if she was playing a role and puts on masks in every situation.

Meghan reportedly wanted to feel as important as Kate from the very beginning. Employees said she couldn’t cope with her emotions and acted impulsively.

What do you think, are these “sincere confessions of employees” true?

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