This is the first time a brand has surpassed Tesla in electric vehicle sales

BYD seal.

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Chinese manufacturer BYD outsells US Tesla for first time electric car In the last quarter of 2023, this shows China’s growing strength in the global market for such transportation.

On Tuesday, Tesla reported that it had sold in the fourth quarter of 2023 484,507 electric vehicleslower than BYD’s sales of 525,409 vehicles in the same period.

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Despite this, Tesla remained ahead of BYD throughout the year and delivered approximately 1.81 million electric vehicles, That was in line with its expectations and slightly ahead of Wall Street expectations.

As a result, Tesla’s electric car deliveries grow 38% Relative to the previous year.

According to the company, the vast majority of vehicles produced last year 96% or 1,775,159 units, are Model 3 and Model Y. The remaining approximately 70,826 vehicles are mostly the more expensive Model X and Model S.

Tesla began delivering a small number of pickup trucks in December last year. cybertruck.

Compared with this data, BYD’s sales are almost The number of electric vehicles in existence reached 1.6 million last year This is a 70% increase compared to 2022.

Tesla’s better-than-expected numbers showed the brand remains popular despite questions about CEO Elon Musk’s image. Social network and its belligerent stance toward unions, regulators and customers. Recently, Musk pledged that Tesla will grow faster than any other car company in the world by 2024.

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At the same time, BYD is growing rapidly with the support of well-known American investors Warren Buffett Demonstrating the strength of China’s electric vehicle industry.

BYD, the leader in China’s electric vehicle industry The world’s third largest electric vehicle battery manufacturerhas recently set its sights on the European market, setting up a production facility in Hungary to avoid any kind of business restrictions.

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