This is the grade of studios of Salma Hayek, Natalie Portman and other famous ones

In the world of entertainment, it is common for us to be actors and singers famous que han alcanzado la cima del éxito en sus respectivas artistic disciplines. Sin embargo, lo que a medo pasa unapercibido es que muchos de estos artists ambien han invertido tiempo y esfuerzo en obtainer títulos universitarios en diversas áreas, carreras que a medo quedan en segundo plano después de su ascenso a la fama.

Continuation, let’s remove some of the professions or university careers that perseguido actors and famous singers, but we don’t have any active skills when they become stars:


Xavier Lopez, famously known as “Chabelo”, is an iconic figure of Mexican television with a truly unique professional career. To be able to learn about your long life as a presenter of infantile programs, you may know that your academic training is in the field of medicine.

Estudió Medicina at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, where you enter into professional medicine.

Aunque Chabelo is amply recognized by his contribution to the maintenance industry, his training in medicine is a testimonio of his versatility and ability to sustain multiple passions throughout his life.

Ana Serradilla, is an attractive activity, which graduated as a graphic designer from the Intercontinental University. However, your professional career has flourished mainly in the field of action, with which you have achieved a notable success.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek, the charismatic and talented actriz, originally did not consider the actuación as his career. As a youth, he studied International Relations at the Iberoamerican University, without embargo, he was passionate about acting on the rise of Mexican telenovelas in Hollywood, and recorded it as a detached figure in the cinema industry. About marriage with the French entrepreneur François-Henri Pinault The catapulted more than the world of wealth, converted into a multimillionaire exitosa in the process.

Chris Martin

The leader of Coldplay, Chris Martin, logró completear una licenciatura en Estudios de la Antigüedad. En 1996, he started his studies at the University College of London, one of the most ancient English educational institutions, focusing on his attention to ancient history. Destacó al graduarse con honores en las disciplines de Griego y Latin, alcanzando el primer puesto en su class.

Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan, the iconic Cuban-estadounidense singer, has a fascinating history in music that came in an unexpected way. Originally, Gloria started a career in psychology and was accepted into the graduate school to begin her doctorate in the field.

Sin embargo, his experience in the ambito of psychology llevó darse cuenta de que la resultaba difícil separarse emocionalmente de las personas ayudaba. Buscando a different route, consider studying international students in La Sorbona.

Because of the destiny of other planes, his passion for music turned into an irresistible passion. Con el apoyo de su esposo Emilio Estefaninitially, he began singing through diversity, with his talent and dedication the catapult to an exciting musical career that consolidated it as one of the most influential artists in the Latin music industry.

Alejandro Fernández

Alejandro Fernándezel “Potrillo”, is a talented singer of popular Mexican music who decided to follow the footsteps of his legendary father, Vicente Fernándezin the pursuit of his profession as an architect.

After graduating as an architect from the Universidad del Valle de Atemajac in Zapopan, Jalisco, Alejandro opted to dedicate to the world of music, which he created an impressive inspiration.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman, is a talented world-renowned actor, recognized by his career in the cinema and where he won the Oscar a Better Actriz by his paper in the “Black Cinema”. However, its versatility extends across the screen, and you also graduated from Harvard University with a degree in psychology. In a crucial moment of your career, consider already the actuación to center in your studies, where it results in your dedication to the world of cinema as your academic education.

Jaime Camil

Jaime Camil He is a talented television actor and occasional singer, recognized for his attractive presence on the screen. Aunque su rostro es siónimo de exito en el mundo de las telenovelas, lo que muchos no saben es que es graduado en Administration de Empresas de la Universidad Anáhuac. To weigh coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Jaime decided to forgo his propio camino in the world of maintenance. Through arduous work and talent, we conquered the scenarios and secured a place in the world of the spectacle.

Inés Sainz

Inés Sainz, the detached sports driver, surprised a lot of people to reveal that his training did not take place in the period, if not in the campo del derecho. I graduated as a graduate of the Universidad del Valle de México, Querétaro campus, and in addition, obtained a mastery in Fiscal Law. Before your legal training, you decided to follow your passion for the sports world and become an influential figure in the sports world.

These examples illustrate that, at a cost of living opted to follow our passions in the world of spectacle, many famous actors and singers who have acquired valuable knowledge in other areas through university education.

At the same time, our understandings are reflected in the actions and decisions taken on the screen or in the scenario, demonstrating that education is an integral part of our lives, including when it is not used directly.

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