This is the new IMSS clinic opening in Leon on January 16th

written in Guanajuato he

lion.- Starting from January 16 next year, the new Department of Family Medicine (FMU) Article 60 Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in the city lion This will be beneficiary More than 60 groups receiving care in the region FMU No. 47 Trojans.

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in this new clinic IMSS An investment of P117.4 million in manual labor and P18.9 million in equipment will benefit 80,000 beneficiaries.

The new Family Medicine Center 60, located at 224 Netzahualcóyotl Street, Prado Hermoso neighborhood, will offer family medicine consultations, family medicine specialized care, dental medicine, social work, X-rays, focus on beneficiaries, effective affiliations , economic services welfare services, pharmacy, nutrition and ultrasound, etc.

The beginning of new features Department of Family Medicine Number 60 will ease the saturation of the clinic. Trojans (FMU No. 47) currently provides care to 376,000 beneficiaries, making it the second largest provider of care in the country.

Beneficiaries currently receiving care at the facility Department of Family Medicine Number 47 will now receive treatment at the new Number 60 Clinic, a change that will be automated by the system, it has been announced Marco Antonio Hernandez Carrillo,represent IMSS exist Guanajuato.

“The changes to the clinics for the respective beneficiaries are entirely to improve the services provided by the institute and are simply a way to provide better quality and access to care,” he said.

he added beneficiary Those who are eligible for the new UMF number 60 do not need to undergo any procedures, the change will be made automatically so that they receive care in the unit and they can apply simply by showing their national health card.

Beneficiaries currently receiving care at UMF Clinic 47 will now receive care at the new Clinic 60 and are beneficiaries who live in the following communities:

  • March 8
  • alfaro
  • antenna above
  • arancia
  • forest of light
  • orange blossom
  • los naranjos forest
  • pedregal forest
  • lake breeze
  • alfaro canyon
  • kamena
  • silver mountain
  • Medina Summit
  • County plus
  • comfort
  • great plains
  • penitent
  • rock
  • Varadito
  • nursery
  • Naranjos Avenue Subdivision
  • mesa medina score
  • Corsillo Housing
  • Hacienda Guadalupe
  • Hacienda Los Naranjos
  • Hacienda Ibarilla
  • medina orchard
  • Los Naranjos Gardens
  • Miracle Garden
  • Lomas de Medina Gardens
  • Alfaro Church
  • top of leon
  • Alfaro’s hope
  • Hotel Nopalera
  • pear
  • jungle
  • Tuscany
  • medina lake
  • Presitas of Consuelo
  • Las Presitas II
  • Presitas
  • Jungle Laurel
  • Lomas de Ibarilla
  • Lomas de las Presitas
  • Lomas de Medina
  • Mural 2
  • mural
  • orange tree
  • Piroulus
  • springs
  • Miracle II
  • Miracle
  • Medina
  • Mission San Jose Part 2
  • mission san jose
  • Northern Mission
  • Palenque de Ibarilla
  • Walk by the stream
  • peña alta
  • santa rosa prairie
  • beautiful meadow
  • county privileges
  • Los Naranjos Private Hotel
  • Quinta Hilario Medina
  • Hacienda Los Naranjos
  • Royal Los Naranjos
  • San Antonio Royal Hotel
  • real san jose
  • real los murales
  • Residential modern villa
  • victorian house
  • Rivera de San Bernardo
  • Rivera del Carmen (Divina Infantita)
  • san beigno
  • saint joseph of consuelo
  • sao paulo
  • saint magdalene
  • santa rosa de lima
  • South of Los Naranjos
  • santa rosa de lima south
  • Los Laureles Community Alliance
  • orange valley
  • san bernado valley
  • comfort valley
  • Villa La Rosa

The postal codes of the above colonies are 37207, 37210, 37217, 37218, 37219, 37233 and 37238.

If the postal code corresponds to the address Legitimate But the name of the colony is not in the list, you have to go FMU of IMSS No. 47 seeks guidance from staff.


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