this is the perfume she loves to wear every day

In a world where fashion and glamor meet, it is clear that the perfumes worn by the stars are much more than just smells. They are part of their personality. It’s like an invitation to enter their intimate universe. Each bottle becomes a unique piece of their journey of unforgettable icons. One thing is certain: behind each star, there is a perfume that makes their presence shine.

The perfume much more than a smell!

Just like fashion, perfumes amplify the personality of stars. It’s an invisible accessory that completes their look and helps them feel independent and beautiful. So, the next time you spray your favorite perfume, remember that you too have the ingredient to enhance your beauty!

The perfume of perfumes!

Perfumes hold the power to make timeless alliances between icons and emblematic smells. The timeless grace of Marilyn Monroe gave a new dimension to Chanel n°5. The smell is inseparable from Marilyn Monroe. The iconic star casually answers a question about her nighttime fragrance. It simply reveals: “A few drops of Chanel n°5”. This aroma from Maison Chanel embodies the role of the legendary perfumed smell, carried by the Hollywood icon. This scent transcends generations. The Chanel n°5 becomes a symbol of elegance and the essential to spray in your beauty routine.

Modern icons unite with iconic fragrances!

The world of celebrities continues to merge with the universe of cult perfumes. Carole Bouquet and Jessica Alba succumb to the charm of Chanel n°5, while Jean Harlow finds inspiration in the mysterious Mitsouko by Guerlain. Claudia Cardinale and Tina Turner, for their part, remain faithful to Nina Ricci’s Air du Temps. Monica Bellucci, follower of Guerlain’s Shalimar, embodies modernity with a touch of mystery.

Perfumes with oriental notes exert a magnetic attraction on celebrities. Angelina Jolie immerses herself in the bewitching aromas of Black by Bulgari, a fragrant symphony with woody accents. Carla Bruni, captivated by the history of perfumery, chose Vol de Nuit by Guerlain, a dazzling fragrance reminiscent of vanilla. L’Heure Bleue, one of the olfactory treasures of the Queen of England, testifies to the ongoing fascination for Guerlain.

The love story between stars and floral fragrances continues with brilliance. Michelle Obama adorns herself with Love In White by Creed, a floral symphony where rose meets iris and magnolia. Kate Middleton, by choosing Fleurissimo by Creed for her royal wedding, perpetuates the tradition of feminine grace. White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum, prized by the princess, combines amber and woody notes for absolute refinement. Kate Moss, always in search of novelty, let herself be seduced by the charm of green and fresh Anaïs Anaïs de Cacharel.

Men are also members of the perfumed universe!

The men also affirm their style, mixing their presence on the big screen and captivating perfumes. The proof is with a multitude of male icons who reveal their favorite fragrances. Immerse yourself in the fragrant world of male stars! Charming George Clooney is an avid fan of Creed’s Green Irish Tweed. This fragrance evokes freshness and perfection that fits perfectly with the actor’s relaxed and elegant personality. Johnny Depp, the multifaceted man, chooses Zino from Davidoff. An oriental and woody fragrance that reflects her complex personality and eccentric style.

Guerlain, renowned for its refinement, also appeals to male celebrities. Paul McCartney, Michael Caine and Tom Cruise are among those who have been seduced by the woody scents of Vetiver. The timeless Habit Rouge, an emblematic Guerlain creation, brings together celebrities such as Robert Redford, Tony Blair and Sean Connery. They all succumbed to this oriental fragrance with leather and green notes. Male stars, just like their female counterparts, confirm the importance of smell in their quest for style and charisma.

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