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The pair are in for a great time, especially after the big win the Portuguese got with Al Nassr

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo are at the best stage of their relationship, especially after overcoming several months of crisis and controversial rumors.

After securing the Portuguese footballer’s first title in Al Nassr, the businesswoman was happy in her current residence, not only because of her partner’s new triumph, but because she will also have it a few days to herself.

Georgina Rodriguez likes to show the details of her daily life, especially if it’s about her beauty routines or her physical health. On this occasion, the partner of Cristiano Ronaldo.

She was very excited to start a new day in her private gym, a luxury that only big world stars can afford, and with very special company.

With a light blue sports outfit and a very sensual pose, Georgina Rodriguez tagged Cristiano Ronaldo, who appears behind the former Argentinian-born model -also respecting his exercise routine-.

In addition to being one of the most sophisticated couples in the world, they are also a very demanding couple who care about taking care of their bodies.

Although she hasn’t decided to leave any messages on her recent Instagram Story, a picture is worth a thousand words. The truth is that with her attractive pose and heart emojis, Georgina Rodriguez has made it clear that she feels very happy to be at home, with Cristiano Ronaldo.

After going through several months of conflict, during which Cristino Ronaldo was singled out for not accompanying Georgina Rodriguez’s work plans, the couple took a long family break and returned to the routine of their spectacular lives in the arab country

Undoubtedly, the last title obtained by the Portuguese footballer left very good vibrations at home, which the mega businesswoman did not hesitate to show. In this way,

Georgina Rodriguez says they are having a great time with Cristiano Ronaldo. Indeed, the entertainment press keeps pointing out that the only thing this eccentric duo is missing is walking down the aisle together.

Although the Argentinian-born businesswoman can’t wait, the former Real Madrid striker isn’t so sure about taking the plunge, at least for now.

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