This is what happens in the NFL Divisional Round.Playoffs confirmed

The 58th Super Bowl in 2024 has begun, and the eight teams currently competing for the precious Vince Lombardi Trophy have finally been determined. The game will be held at the Las Vegas Raiders Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. Decide the winner.

Today, the last playoff ticket has been determined, and after the game, the best team at the end of the season will be revealed based on the league situation. The teams that directly advance to the divisional round this time are the Baltimore Ravens of the American League and the San Francisco 49ers of the National League. Now, they have competitors.

How did the divisional round go?

During the wild card round or also known as the wild card round, it will be decided which remaining teams will form the divisional round.To make the playoffs, they face each other first texas Houston defeated the Browns 45-14.

Since then, the Chiefs defeated the Dolphins 26-7. Likewise, the Packers defeated the Cowboys 48-32 in a close game. detroit lions Against the Rams, Detroit entered the playoffs with a 24-point lead over Los Angeles, which had a 23-point lead.

The first game of the day is at buffalo bill The Steelers rescheduled their game from last Sunday due to heavy snow, and Buffalo won 31-17. The final game of the day and round pits the Buccaneers against the Eagles, culminating in Tampa Bay.

Divisional round, who plays who?

Determined in Divisional Round green bay packers will play the San Francisco 49ers, while the Buccaneers will face the Detroit Lions.In addition, the Buffalo Bills will also face kansas city chiefswhile the Texans will face the Ravens.

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