This is what Kylie Jenner calls Stormi. She gave her a cute nickname

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner and Stormi
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Ever since Kylie Jenner became a mom, Stormi has become the apple of her eye. And since the girl is the center of her famous mother’s world, we naturally often see her on the social media of celebrities. Recently, Kylie Jenner showed how she rests with her daughter after an intense day. By the way, she revealed what a charming nickname Stormi had given.

For most people, Kylie Jenner is, first and foremost, one of the most popular celebrities in the world. She grew up in front of the audience of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Television popularity has changed over time into gigantic ranges. Kylie Jenner’s Instagram profile is followed by 246 million people!

A celebrity a few years ago decided to start earning money on her fame and started with a cosmetic brand. Today, in addition to Kylie Cosmetics, she is also the CEO of Kylie Skin.

In addition to all these responsibilities, Kylie Jenner has one more role – she is Stormi’s mother. Since the girl was born, she has become the apple of her famous mother’s eye. She eagerly shows her moments with her daughter online.


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Kylie Jenner gave Stormi a cute nickname

On Kylie Jenner’s stories you can see how the star rests with her daughter after an intense day.

So I had a long shooting day today. Now we’re in bed before 6pm. In pajamas, washed face, ready to go to sleep.

The star spoke.

Next, Kylie Jenner showed how a slightly tired Stormi watches the fairy tale The Boss Baby: Family Business. The celebrity tried unsuccessfully to attract the attention of the 3-year-old, revealing her cute nickname at the same time.

She doesn’t want to be filmed. Goose? Goose? Stormi? Storm? I love you.

Kylie Jenner asked.


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