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NAgranted by Cleo and Lexy Chaplin, the issue of “Polskie Mexico” is definitely one of the most surprising collaborations of the year. Moments after the song was released, the girls gave us an interview in which they spoke about the circumstances of its creation, the success of Team Friz and Team X, as well as Lexa’s fight at the High League.

It seems to me that I will not be original in terms of starting the conversation … How did it happen that such a merger came about?

Cleo: In short, Donatan met us. I have been working with Don for years, and Lexy has been working with Don for some time, therefore “Daddy Donatan” got to know us together. And since I had been watching Lexy for some time and the fact that she became involved in music, I decided to invite her to a joint issue.

As you can see, it paid off. You have number one on the card on the time of Polish YouTube, almost two million views in two days.

Cleo: It seems to me that everything that is new, everything that is original, unusual, has some kind of interest. This is what music is about to arouse different emotions.

And to bet on non-standard combinations, like this time?

Cleo: Of course it is.

Cleo, as you said, you’ve been working with Donatan for a long time. You are a veteran of the Polish music scene, you release hit after hit. For you, Lexy, this is a whole new world, is it?

Lexy: Yeah, quite a way out of the comfort zone. I’m glad it happens alongside Cleo and Donatan, because Cleo is very patient. Donatan too. He’s nice in the studio. (laughter)

In the studio? And outside the studio?

Cleo: He’s a perfectionist and he likes it when everything is right. He is patient when he sees potential in a person. In this case, Don realized that this is not the first world Lexy finds himself in, but seeing her potential gives her a chance to feel comfortable in it.

And as for you, Lexy, is this the beginning of your musical path or is it something like fulfilling your childhood dream, checking what it is like?

Lexy: I wish there was something else to come of it, but I don’t know. We are trying for now. If it does, that’s fine. If not, I tried it and it’s okay.

But you prefer singing or rapping, as in “Polish Mexico”?

Lexy: I feel better at rapping, but we’ll see. I am not closed to this kind of music only.

There is a moment in the song that when you do “Shot, shot, shot”, I have the impression that it is Rihanna!

Cleo: Me too! Since I’ve been working with Lexy for a while, I didn’t notice it, but actually when people started paying attention and writing “Jesus, she sounds like Rihanna!” I actually noticed she did!

Yes, just like in “Bitch, better have my money”!

Cleo: Yes, this is such a follow-up, a reference to us girls shooting right in the heart.

You’ve mixed up a lot on the net with the music video. After the sweet “I love” we have a gangster world.

Cleo: That’s what it was about! I love such combinations, I like to surprise and I like when something turns 180 degrees, it is completely out of a different fairy tale. My fans got used to it already. They just wait to see what she can figure out again there. Thanks to this, I also feel that I can develop, try new things and walk on new musical lands.

I would like to relate to what you say about your fans. Your fans were dosed with emotions virtually every second. First, a blurry photo of Lexa and a puzzle they discovered quite quickly …

Cleo: Yeah, I didn’t know why so fast, but okay. They are smart.

… later alleged quarrel with Donatan … All websites wrote about it! Probably the only element that people didn’t believe in anymore was Vladimir Putin, because Cardi B mixed it up too … In the context of your cooperation, I would like to ask you one thing. By observing what is happening in the music market, you can see a trend like that for the transition from YouTube to the world of music. How do you, Cleo, judge it from the singer’s perspective, and you, Lexy, from the Youtuber’s perspective?

Cleo: As for me and the music world, I can only speak for myself. I take it as something new. Cool things are born out of a combination of novelty. Then we have something fresh, something that may be of interest. With all due respect to the world of YouTubers and Lexa, we take it a bit with a grain of salt and a lot of understanding, because we understand that this is not their world, but on the other hand they [youtuberzy] bring to the world of music something that has never been before, so why not try it?

Lexy: I think it’s cool. I certainly don’t want to force myself [na scenę]. If it’s not something like me, if people don’t like it, then I’ll back out and stay on YouTube. I don’t know if you’re referring to the Friz Team?

Well, for example.

Cleo: If there is demand, and there is, because these people enjoy great interest, put something completely new, fresh, different into the world, and I think that both the Friz and Lexy crew have such cool freshness, charisma, their people like, then why not use it?

You, Lexy, were yourself a member of the first Team x, who at the time went head-to-head with Team Friza in terms of gaining popularity. Don’t you now, looking at what is happening around the Crew, I mean strictly music, anger, like: “But we could have made more music with Team X”?

Lexy: He’s definitely not angry. It’s nice that they do it, that I do such numbers, break records. It’s a pity it didn’t work out, but it was obviously meant to be. But if I could turn back time, it would definitely be more music.

It’s no secret that the greater the success, the greater the expectations and criticism. How do you, and especially you, Cleo, react to the fact that the comments keep popping up: “Where’s that Cleo from the Storm? “Where’s that Cleo from somewhere?”? This is probably the bane of artists.

Cleo: Of course it is. I thought people got used to it because I haven’t been doing it for a year, but for almost 10 years. Every year I release two singles and each one is from a different world. Until now, I am surprised when someone writes that “Cleo is the same again”. Then I think to myself, “Where? Where? ” I’ve made so many different singles over the years that it’s hard to put them in one bag. I absolutely do not care about it, and I am even glad. If there is a polarization, the more hate, the greater the scale, how far it went, how much echo it echoed. Anyway, I adhere to the principle that music must evoke emotions. There is nothing worse for an artist than if his designs should go unnoticed. It would be sad.

Staying in the same, pleasing your fans, not your own development?

Of course. The more that if someone is my fan, he knows that I am following such different paths that even if someone tells me “You know, Cleo, I do not like this version of yours”, I write “Hey, cool, in half a year I’ll publish something else, maybe you’ll like it. “

And you, Lexy, have you been following Cleo’s career? Are you a fan?

Lexy: Yeah, I remember when “We Slavs” were on the half-lines and everyone was dancing. I really like Cleo’s work.

So you do not rule out that something else may arise in the future?

Cleo: I think so, but I wish she would focus on her single, despite Lexa’s preoccupation, to feel it. It is known that it is better to create something from A to Z yourself to feel if this is your world at all or if you want to do it.

Exactly, because it’s such a debut single, but on featuring. How do you find yourself in it? Do you like it? Have you caught the bug after this success?

Lexy: Yes, I like it for sure, but it definitely has a lot of stress on it. The first time we were in the studio, I was very stressed. When we recorded the music video, it was even more so. But at the end of the day, I think it was worth it. It’s fun and I’m happy.

Cleo: Yes, and Lexy is a nice example for young people that every step out of the comfort zone, whatever we do in life, is fun because it gives us wings to open another door.

So Cleo, as a trainer for The Voice Kids who has promoted some talent, do you say there is potential?

Cleo: Of course there is! Only here is the problem with self-confidence, because while Lexy feels like a fish in the water in the Internet, influencer space, I have the impression that musically she has not fully believed in herself, and I say that she has a really great potential. .

Lexy: Awwww!

This is amazing. Watching videos of someone who works on the Internet, it would seem that he is sure of himself, very open, not afraid of anything, and here you are!

Cleo: Yeah, but it’s like someone chased me for open-heart surgery. I wouldn’t be comfortable either! (laughs) Everyone has their own world where they feel good, in their comfort zone.

Girls, tell me what are your plans for this single. There is a music video that is making hype on the net and what next? Any promotional performances?

Cleo: I think let it flow for now. We have a lot of interviews, we want to promote it as widely as possible. The action unfolds on Tik Toku, the song is catchy, but we approach it without hesitation. We treat it as a loose, holiday number.

Cleo, then what about the album “VinyLOVA”?

Everyone asks me that! (laughs) Unfortunately, times are so uncertain for artists that every time I try to plan something from A to Z, an event like the promotion of an album is a very big event. Until I am 100% sure that they will not close it to me with the fourth wave and all the restrictions, I cannot tap this date for sure. I am watching, waiting when I can get in with this promotion.

So “Polish Mexico” is a completely side project?

Yes, it’s a side project. Anyway, I also taught my fans that I have creative ADHD, so a little here, a little there. I play it more singly.

There is probably such a tendency in general, including through streaming, that the emphasis is on promoting singles, not the entire album.

Cleo: Exactly.

Okay, that’s it at the end. What would I like you girls apart from the success of your single?

Cleo: For sure Lexy, good luck in the fight! Keep your fingers crossed for her, because she is really great at it and puts her whole heart into it. We’re cheering for Lexy. Good luck to me, because I have a big tour to give me strength. Cheers, smile – it will be fine!

Will we see you on stage?

Cleo: Maybe someday, we’ll see! Take it easy, because I mean, because we are from two worlds, everyone is busy, it’s hard to connect.

Lexy, the stress before the fight is?

Lexy: There is some stress, but I think it would be weirder if it wasn’t. I finally got excited about the fight itself.

Bigger when making music or when going out to the octagon?

Lexy: I think when… making music! (laughter)

Cleo: Really! She caught the fight bug, so cool, I keep my fingers crossed for her!

Then I am holding it too! Will you go to “Polish Mexico”?

I don’t know, I don’t know what song yet, but it would be fun!

Thank you then, I keep my fingers crossed and it’s great that you found at least some time!

Cleo, Lexy: Thanks a lot!

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