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Royal Enfield unveils its new proposal in the 350 cc family: it is a roadster with a modern look and 17-inch wheels. While we are waiting to get on it for the test, we tell you how it is done

August 6, 2022

L‘we have spied several times in its road tests, we have repeatedly ventured its release date and – finally – we are about to try it in Bangkokin Thailand, where Royal Enfield has chosen to present his new Hunter 350 to the world publica bike that enriches the 350 cc single-cylinder range – the J1 platform – with one roadster which by the same admission of the management of the Indian company is cousin more than sister of the Meteor and of Classic, given the importance of the changes and differences compared to the other two bikes of the same family. A family that is destined to expand further: in a slide of the Hunter technical presentation there were two dark silhouettes with a question mark above, certainly meaning that in the future the trio of motorcycles equipped with the 350 cc single-cylinder will in all likelihood become a quintet.

THELet’s start immediately by telling you that for now we can only talk about how the Hunter 350 is made, for the road test it will be necessary to wait a few more days, however the news are there and they are quite significant. The Hunter was in fact born from a project started in 2017, in search of a modern bike that while remaining in the segment of small and medium displacements so dear to Royal Enfield – and which it is giving the Indian manufacturer so much satisfaction, both globally and on the Italian market – was focused on all-round driving pleasure, solid, reliable, accessible, light, easy to handle and that it had one distinctive style and which is ready to take hold on a transversal target but also capable of attracting young audiences (50% of the population in India, a very large domestic market for Royal Enfield, is under 25 years old).


T.All this has been concentrated, let us pass the term, on the new roadster which remains based on the well-known single-cylinder 2-valve 349 cc long stroke, air and oil cooledcapable of absolute performance identical to the rest of the 350 cc range that is 20.2 horsepower at 6,100 rpm and 27 Nm at 4,000 rpm; the different design of the exhaust and intake system, in addition to the “fine tuning”Of injection and ignition, however, led to the definition of a peculiar character and more suited to the sportiness of the Hunter, without sacrificing the classic exhaust sound, full and tenacious, typical of the Royal Enfields. The gearbox is 5-speed with fifth gear acting as an overdrive for maximum relaxation and economy when traveling at a constant speed. With the 13 liter tank however, at least 350 km of autonomy should be reached, while maintaining the already excellent fuel consumption of the Classic and Meteor.

Ad hoc cycling

THEThe frame is redesignedloses the lower sections of the cradles while the front part remains almost identical to the two “cousins” but thanks to different triple clamps goes to contain the inclination of the steering head to 25 degrees; the wheelbase goes from 1390 for the Classic and 1400 mm for the Meteor a 1370 mm with the trail now 94 mm: but the peculiarity of the Hunter is to have – the only bike in the Royal Enfield range to boast it – the 17-inch front wheel (the rear also has the same diameter). A symbolic choice of Royal Enfield’s desire to create a modern roadster with an almost sporty cycling behavior: we will check it out shortly on the streets of Bangkok, where we will be able to understand how the declared weight of 181 kg and the effort to centralize the masses (balanced with 48% on the front and 52% on the rear) on the dynamics of the bike.

The suspensions are totally renewed and dedicated to the Hunter 350 la traditional fork with stems it has a diameter of 41 mm with 130 mm of travel and the pair of rear shock absorbers are adjustable in preload on 6 positions: they guarantee 102 mm of useful travel to the rear wheel; tires are CEAT Zoom XL developed in a specific version for the Hunter, in the measures of 110/70 and 140/70. regarding the equipmentthe braking system is a single disc 300 mm front with double piston caliper and 270 mm rear, the ABS with two channels, while the analogue digital mixed instrumentation boasts a USB socket as standard and can be enriched with the turn-by-turn navigator Tripper optional. The front headlight is halogen while the rear one is LED but on the front of the finishes the aluminum footrests of the rider, the passenger handles in the same material, the abundance of metal and in general the bike appears neat with few and venial falls. tone on some exposed bolts and nothing more. One perceives, at least when stationary, one commendable constructive care and a good general solidity of the bike which shows a strong attention to the quality of the final product.

As usual for Royal Enfield it is possible to enrich the Hunter with many accessoriesincluding the rigid side case, crash bar, smoked windshield, passenger backrest, bar-end rear-view mirrors and a saddle comfort that raises the seat that is located in the standard version by about 7 mm 800 mm from the ground.

THEn waiting to be able to get on it and tell you our first driving impressions we had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Paolo Brovedani, Head of Research and Development at Royal Enfield: find the video interview at the bottom of the article; he told us many things but not, for now, the certain times of debut on our market (in Thailand the bike will be bookable from 7 August, just to give a reference, and we believe that within EICMA the Hunter could be in Italian dealerships) and the price in Italy, which in any case we expect to be aligned more towards the Meteor than towards the Classic, we are awaiting confirmation of our supposition. We got to see at least 4 color variations but also on the colors and liveries we will have some more certainty in the short term, especially regarding the availability on our market.

Do you also want to know how it goes? Short time left, stay tuned!

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