This is what the PlayStation 5 Pro and Slim will look like? Fantastic designs are shown! When will they appear?

We hear more and more about potential next Sony consoles: PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim. The new variations of the machines of the 9th generation of the Japanese should be the natural successors of the “five”, as it happened with the PS4. Still, not much is known about them. However, some fantastic concepts have emerged to illustrate what appearance these consoles can get. Will these projects turn out to be close to reality? When could the PS5 Pro and Slim come out and what could be the price of each?

PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim – what will these consoles look like and when will they appear? Fascinating projects

Nobody has officially heard about both consoles, but the fans Sony they have been speculating online for many months. Recently, the fire on the topic was fueled by hot news about PS5 Pro. One of the industry insiders reported that “PS5 on steroids” is finally to introduce gaming in resolution 8K for consoles, thanks to the rebuilt, stronger architecture than AMD. The source also said that the premiere of this console can be expected in 2023, and at the latest in 2024. As for the version Slim – we finally remember that in the era of PS4 and such a console went on sale – but there is complete silence.

But now they saw the light of day two pampered concepts by YouTube creator Jermain Smit, who collaborated with the famous Let’s Go Digital website. Together, they prepared truly credible, although of course still speculative, projects. What do they think both consoles might look like? Take a look at the presentation:

On the occasion of the presentation of the predicted console design, the editor of Let’s Go Digital was also tempted to make a forecast for the PS5 Slim. Keep in mind that this is a well-informed place on the web, and the information published there often accurately predicts various events – and sometimes even directly discloses new products! According to the author of the text, the slimmed down console of the Japanese can be expected even in 2022! In the PS4 era, the premiere calendar looked completely different – both PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro debuted three years after the original version from 2013.

This is what the PlayStation 5 Pro and Slim will look like?  Fantastic designs are shown!  When will they appear?

photo: LetsGoDigital

What about the prices? In this topic, leaks only appear in the context of the version Pro. You can probably expect an amount in between 600 and 700 dollars. After converting to zlotys, it gives us the sum in the vicinity 2 320 – 2 675 PLN. Please note that Sony will most likely equate the dollar to the euro in this situation ($ 1 = 1 euro)so when it comes to market, the PS5 Pro may cost around PLN 2,740 – PLN 3,160



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