«This is what they asked me to replace that of the SUV. It’s worth buying a new car “

How convenient to have aelectric car? The question arises spontaneously after the increases in the cost ofpower. But, now, the problem could also extend to the excessive cost that it may require replacement of a battery.

On the platform Youtubein the canal Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk has become viral a video in which a young man youtuber explains the incredible amount that was offered to him to change the battery of his electric car, an SUV, and that, for this reason, he had to buy a new car.

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What happened

The ladactive on the platform as @testerdahlbought a Electric SUV of 2019, Ford-150 XL because «more cheap»Compared to replacing the battery of another electric vehicle. He explained that there are two possible batteries: the standarddesigned to give the driver about 350 km of autonomy, and the version with extended autonomywhich increases it to about 500 km.

Then he revealed the shocking price to replace the battery: “They asked me for 35,960 euros,” said the youtuber, adding that the price concerned only and exclusively the price of the batterythe replacement job was not included.

Esterdahl said batteries will degrade at a rate of 2 to 3% per year, more often if the owner quickly recharges many times: “Treat the battery badly and it will degrade faster,” he commented. youtuber.

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