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The original Expedition Down Jacket was born out of a pure and simple need. Almost 50 years ago, on a winter expedition in northern Sweden, Åke Nordin, the founder of Fjällräven, chilled to the core while spending the night in a snow cave he had dug. He promised himself that when he survived this ordeal, he would develop a jacket in which he would never freeze again. The result was the Expedition Down Jacket, made of two jackets sewn together to minimize heat loss, even in the coldest environments. Today, this jacket – the iconic Fjällräven Expedition Down Jacket – is the first choice of cold-weather adventurers around the world. In 2020, Fjällräven has successfully extended the design to its entire line of cold protection products – the 1974 Expedition Series.

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Fjällräven Expedition Series

Timeless design

The extreme durability of the original Expedition Down Jackets (many of them are still in use today) suggests that Fjällräven’s design philosophy is working well. Thanks to the constant emphasis on functionality, products with a timeless design are created that do not lose their relevance and do not give the owner a reason to replace. This is good for both the user and the environment. A report recently published by Mistra, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, analyzed the relationship between the life cycle of clothing and its environmental impact. It turned out that by using a jacket twice as long (approx. 140 uses multiplied by two), its impact on the environment can be reduced by 49%. So it’s no surprise that the designers of Fjällräven were guided by the proven functionality of the original when developing the new 1974 Expedition Series.

Complementing the 1974 Expedition Series

The original Expedition Down Jackets from the 1970s and 1980s are still used today, which clearly illustrates the extraordinary power of timeless design and functionality. By giving the entire Expedition Series collection the same long-lasting reliability, we inspire newcomers to create their own unique outdoor stories. When it comes to cold, there is no one single product that is suitable for all situations. Different types of activity require different jackets, functions and insulating properties. Instead, you need an entire low temperature system. Therefore, based on the legendary Expedition Down Jacket, Fjällräven has developed a whole range of products to protect against the cold. The collection provides functionality and warmth in all conditions that may happen in the bosom of nature. You just will never get cold again. Following the successful launch of the 1974 Expedition Series collection in 2020, the Expedition X-Lätt Jacket brings even more versatility and functionality to this product line. The jacket is filled with synthetic insulation with a weight of 60 g / m², which retains its heating properties even when wet. Made of 100% polyester. recycled is also the lightest jacket in the collection. It is a great choice for a variety of outdoor activities. Throughout the year.

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