This Minecraft Player Built a Fully Functional Quad Rank

Minecraft has a cool new version out and thanks to this user, this time you can play Four in a Row

This Minecraft Player Built a Fully Functional Quad Rank

Minecraft has become the best-selling game in the world, selling well over 300 million copies, all thanks to its impressive content Offers unlimited freedom and gameplay. On this occasion, one of the talented gamers decided to develop Four in a Row, the famous board game that has entertained millions of people for countless generations. the best? Games in Minecraft are fully functional so you can play with friends in that world.

This is not the first time you have seen this style of mechanics, a few days ago we also showed you how another user managed to recreate the famous Guitar Hero in the world of Minecraft, like this Quad in a Row, of course, it’s fully functional. You see, you can now play both games in Minecraft, and the creative freedom is limited only by the user’s imagination, so if you like to create, this game gives you everything you need.

That’s four in a row in the Minecraft universe

The person behind this impressive project is Reddit user Towsti.In the Minecraft subreddit, he showed a large video in which You will be able to appreciate every detail of this building, hopefully you can recreate it, although you know, these things are really complicated. If you are looking forward to seeing the final result of the four-game winning streak, just below these lines we leave you the video in question, please pay attention and enjoy this great invention.

I made the quad without visible wiring (Hipster)
byu/towsti in Minecraft

In fact, these may not be the most common structures in the Minecraft universe, Houses, forts and castles are often the most impressive images. In fact, we also recently brought you one of the best castles you can see in the game, so if you want to renovate your house in Minecraft, then try to get some ideas and create your own original creation that will Great construction work.

As you can see, Minecraft continues to provide a lot of fun years later.The game’s greatest success is its freedom to go on its own adventures and create just about anything that comes to mind and comes to mind Share this wonderful experience with your friends.

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