this move that would put them at great risk

  • Harry and Meghan plan to move to Malibu

  • A security expert warns against this choice

  • This possible move is linked to the Sussexes’ future plans

Rumors of a possible move from prince harry and of Meghan Markle have been gaining momentum lately. According to them, the Sussexes plan to move into the childhood home by Meghan Markle, on malibu beach. Recall that currently, Meghan and Harry as well as their children, Archie and Lilibet, live in their mansion in Montecito, CA. A splendid property that they bought for almost $14 million. A purchase made in 2020 just months after stepping down from the royal family. According Mirrorthe Duke and Duchess of Sussex would have already visited the region of their new residence. Region loved by many stars like Lady Gaga, Simon Cowell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cher, Miley Cyrus or Charlize Theron. However, this possible move would be a big risk for the Sussexes, according to Kent Moyerboss of World Protection Group based in Beverly Hills. According to this expert, the paparazzi as well as the intruders would be considerable in Malibu compared to Montecito. Added to the fact that the Sussexes would be prime targets.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are ‘Considering Moving’ to Malibu…..that’s EXACTLY what Barbie did! SHE moved into Ken’s Malibu Beach House after the DIVORCE! #MeghanIsDivorceBarbie (…)

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