this movie is one of Ben Affleck’s biggest regrets



Like many actors, Ben Affleck has not had only commercial successes in his career. Daredevil was one of them. In 2003, the actor – then at the height of his career – slipped into the skin of the superhero of Hell’s Kitchen, Matt Murdock.

Lawyer by day, superhero by night, man has incredibly developed hearing, smell, strength and agility. Although he is blind, his radar sense allows him to navigate and avoid the slightest obstacle. Tirelessly, this tortured being roams the streets of New York in pursuit of criminals of all kinds that he cannot punish in court….

When it comes out in theaters, it’s a cold shower. The spectators and the press are convinced neither by the realization and the poor quality of the fights, nor by the plot and even less by the game of Ben Affleck. And it’s not Jennifer “Elektra” Garner, Michael Clarke Duncan in Caïd or Colin Farrel in Bullseye which raised the level again.

Far from being a disaster if we compare it to other superheroic productions released since, Daredevil will still have put a hell of a blow to the career of Ben Affleck, who subsequently chained several commercial failures.

It was not until 2014 that the actor, then in full promotion of Gone Girlconfess how much this failure marked him : “I have regrets for all my movies that weren’t executed properly. I am very hard and demanding with myself and I want to…

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