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When it comes to underwear, there are models that subtly encompass the chest, and others that perfectly hug the curves. Its role: it must enhance the chest while adapting to our rhythms of life. For those who want to highlight their chest in an elegant way, push-ups are traditionally the best pieces. The problem: these sometimes lack naturalness and do not always adapt to all breast shapes. It was counted without the one who knew how to make sculpting clothing a thriving business: Kim Kardashian and her shapewear brand launched in 2019, skims. She launched a whole new bra model that promises perfect breasts. How ? For this, the reality TV star scanned her own breasts!

The new bra from the Skim brand guarantees perfect breasts!

We have completely reinvented the push-up. It’s like breast surgery, but with a bra“, announces Kim Kardashian in a promotional video for the new bra from her brand Skims, on her Instagram account, on August 15. Indeed, the young entrepreneur indicates in Harper’s Bazaar “ that traditional push-up models, even if they shaped the chest well, did not create a natural shape“. If she kept the concept of the seamless bra to make it almost undetectable, it is at the level of the padding that she worked on her revolutionary model Teardrop. It used cutting-edge technology to replace the foam cushion, traditionally used in traditional push-ups, with a teardrop shape that has the ability to perfectly hug the breasts. This little revolution has been the subject of extensive testing. She specifies that: “ We analyzed dozens of different women’s breasts with 3D scanners, including mine, and we developed, centimeter by centimeter, these truly natural-looking cups.L “.

The bra, like the majority of products launched by the American company, is an unparalleled success. Just like the figure-hugging dress with thin straps which has been a bestseller since this spring. On the networks, users are unanimous and the images speak for themselves. We can clearly see that the chest is lifted and we do not suspect the presence of a push-up. The feedback on these products is enthusiastic. as evidenced by the numerous comments from Internet users under the Skims brand post: “I need it! “, ” This is finally the shape I want my breasts to have.”

The bra Teardrop is available for sale today, in sizes 32A to 44D, in 10 colors at 70 euros. So at this price, we would much rather buy one than go through surgery!

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