This old postal book can make you rich – that’s the value

The concept of saving in our country is perceived in a discontinuous way, as if a large slice of the Italian population absolutely understands the “need” to set aside money for the future, many others for various reasons, such as a lack of knowledge of the tools investment or in general a lack of trust in banks and institutions simply decides to keep their money in the account or even “physically” at home. The idea of ​​a postal passbook has ensured that a large percentage of the local population can “secure” their savings, thus avoiding the stagnation of money, and limiting the power of inflation.

The postal booklet, which conceptually dates back to the 19th century, is in fact an instrument ideally similar to a postal or bank savings book but in a “light” version, specifically used to “keep” money, and less oriented to the development of interest on the amounts. On the other hand, it has particularly low costs, as it costs nothing to open, close the booklet as well as add funds through the post office. Being equipped with an IBAN, it is also useful as a “base” for receiving salary and pension.

This old postal book can make you rich – that’s the value

Like any form of savings instrument, such as a current account or a prepaid card, passbooks of all kinds are subject to some conditions comparable to expiration. In fact, if a postal booklet is not used, that is eventful for a period of 10 years, this becomes sleepy, a sort of status that precedes the disposal, which is ordered at a specific stage of the year directly by Poste Italiane. Before being discarded, the user is identified through a paper communication.

Every year, the Post Office closes an important number of unused postal books, as is evident from the following address. However, the discarded passbooks are not “completely lost”, as the amount if greater than 100 euros is moved to a CONSAP fund. Many of these booklets contained important figures, which can be “claimed” by contacting the CONSAP fund directly.

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