this operation will soon remain a distant memory

The Postepay card of Poste Italiane has been used by Italians for decades: this prepaid card is convenient and useful, even if over time it has been the protagonist of scams and damages. But now there is an automatic feature to activate, which will protect your account.

Postepey goodbye to this operation –

There Postepay prepaid card it is one of the most popular in Italy: made especially for those who do not have a current account or a credit card, many use it every day for their purchases and online payments.

Often, however, these prepaid cards are subject to scams and scams, so now there is a mandatory action to do when you decide to have a Postepay.

Postepay: what is the Poste Italiane card and what is it for

There Postepay card it is convenient for those who do not have a current account, useful for purchases and payments.

Postepay cards
Postepay cards –

This is a prepaid card, that is rechargeable with the amount that the holder decides to put, refills that can be done both in the post office and through authorized dealers, such as some tobacconists and even newsstands.

Once recharged, Postepay can be used for online purchases in full safety, to pay in shops and restaurants, to withdraw from the postamat if we need cash.

Furthermore, it can also be combined with a Paypal account, in case you want to transfer money from the platform to the card, or vice versa. Finally, you can receive money, easily with a simple top-up.

Postepay –

The convenience and versatility of Postepay has made it one of the most used prepaid cards by Italians, but also the most cloned.

Applying for the card is very simple: it must be activated at the branches of the Italian Post Office, paying only 5 euros and presenting their documents, i.e. identity card and tax code.

In fact, Postepay is often the subject of scams by malicious people, which only create problems and inconvenience to the card holders. But now there is a way to avoid these problems.

What will be mandatory to do when the Postepay is activated

To get a classic Postepay, you need to go to the post office, the one closest to you, go to the counter and communicate the desire to have the prepaid card.

Once the postal clerk has given you the right forms to fill out, with all your details, now it will be mandatory to enter the telephone number.

Until recently, in fact, it was not mandatory, but now it is instead to avoid scams and robberies as much as possible. But why?

The telephone number is used for the arrival of an anti-scam and scam sms notification: through the message that you will receive on your phone, in fact, the owner of the Postepay will have to confirm or cancel an operation.

This way you will quickly see if someone is trying to steal your money, or make an illicit purchase.

This method will certainly avoid the disproportionate number of scams that happen especially online every day.

Safeguard the security of the holders is the priority for Poste Italiane which, after numerous complaints about fraud, has decided to introduce this new verification method. Will it be effective? We’ll see.

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