This outfit of Iris Mittenaere at a wedding is debate on social networks

Undeniable style icon, Iris Mittenaere continues to inspire her many admirers through her looks shared regularly on social networks. However, this time, the former Miss France and Miss Universe was not unanimous and rekindled the embers of an old debate: can you wear white as a guest at a wedding? If for the most traditionalists, it is a lack of taste, others are beginning to demand more freedom in the choice of dress during these happy events.

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An imposed dress code

Iris Mittenaere posted on her Instagram account photos of her and her companion during the ceremony which took place on the island of Los. They both wore white outfits. The young woman had opted for a long backless dress which could have been a wedding dress. Some netizens even thought it was the couple’s wedding. ” I thought you were married “, can we for example read in the comments. Many netizens also criticized the choice of a white outfit. Faced with this controversy, Iris Mittenaere was quick to react with her usual frankness. She quickly clarified the situation by explaining that the dress code imposed for the wedding was precisely white. ” It’s a white Karen dress code. Hey Sylvia! And it was organized in 3 days so it was my only white dress. But you know the codes of Greece well apparently “, she explained. One thing is certain, the issue of wearing white continues to spark heated discussions. The example of Iris Mittenaere is not the first to spark debate online. Recently, Hailey Bieber had also been at the heart of a controversy for having dared to display a white outfit at a wedding, thus triggering a wave of criticism from its subscribers.

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