This player found two boxes of AMD processors for 130 pesos. It seemed like a great offer, but he was disappointed after opening it.

Shopping at a second-hand store may lead to items at attractive prices. Sometimes these purchases lead to surprises, such as a gamer who spent 200 pesos on a processor and ended up with a processor worth 9,000 pesos. However, fate does not smile on everyone, as this user experienced, Two AMD Ryzen 7 When he opened them he was disappointed.

This is known through an anecdote shared by Reddit user Slow_Broccoli_7941. He commented that he purchased these two CPUs because the price caught his attention, but when he opened them he discovered that the processors were not there; instead, Only heat sink found.

If the box contained the processors in question, I would definitely buy all of them because the store sells them at prices that are hard to find elsewhere.

The CPU in question is the Ryzen 7 5700G, a mid- to high-end processor that some gamers covet because Equipped with integrated graphics, that is, it is capable of running certain games without the need for an additional GPU. While the actual price of this component is around 3,500 pesos, getting it for around 130 pesos is pretty amazing. What this user didn’t realize, however, was that the most important thing didn’t come in the box: the processor itself.

In the world of processors gamble These days, it’s common to add liquid cooling to regulate temperature rather than using the included radiator.While the latter isn’t a bad choice, the reality is that it’s not very efficient, especially for running high-end games Temperatures usually rise significantly.

It is worth mentioning that if your idea is to build a PC within a limited budget, this processor is a good choice as you can save the cost of buying an additional graphics card. However, its performance is better suited for running mid- or low-volume games.

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