This Polish woman looks like Jennifer Lopez. Who is Monika Chojdak?

It is often said about doubles of different stars. However, it is difficult to find such a striking resemblance as in the case of this Polish woman. He looks very much like Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most beautiful stars of show business. For years, he has been enjoying a phenomenal and youthful appearance. So many women would like to present themselves in the same way as this Latin singer. She belongs to the group of lucky women Polish girl, Monika Chojdak. Some time ago, a woman was hailed as Jennifer Lopez’s doppelganger. It cannot be denied that when you look at her photos, you can see a striking resemblance to the star. Especially that Monika is also a singer and willingly performs songs from the Lopez repertoire.

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This Polish woman looks like Jennifer Lopez

Monika Chojdak was hailed as the Polish Jennifer Lopez. It is hardly surprising. She has a striking resemblance to a Latin artist, which is why she even wore it Instagram profile named @belikejlo.

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The woman has been compared to Lopez many timeswhich he likes very much in private. And although she tries not to style herself as a singer on a daily basis, she decided to use her resemblance to her.

Someone saw this similarity in me a long time ago, and after many years I decided to have fun with it. I like to sing very much, it is my great passion. I found that I would use this similarity and my vocal skills. I think it is a very cool idea that is not available on the Polish market today. And it would be nice if someone appreciated it. For me, this is a project with a pinch of salt, which I hope will open another door for me – said the woman in an interview with Onet.

It turns out that her efforts have paid off, because even Jennifer Lopez herself has observed her profile. Both fans of the singer and Monika, whom she has more and more, cannot be amazed by her resemblance to the already cult singer every day.

All Jenny.

Beautiful Polish Jennifer Lopez.

J.Lo is left behind – Internet users write under her photos.

Do you also see the similarity?

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Monika Chojdak is a lookalike of Jennifer Lopez. What he does?

Monika Chojdak has been present in show business for a long time. Not only because of his striking resemblance to Jennifer Lopez.

It turns out that the woman herself is trying to make a career in music. She took part in such programs as “Bitwa na heads”, “The Voice of Poland” and “Let’s sing together. All Together Now”. Recently, she also appeared in the show “Jaka to melodia?”, In which she was one of the star doublesnext to people stylized as Freddie Mercury and Marilyn Monroe.

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Lookups like Jennifer Lopez, Freddie Mercury and Marilyn Monroe


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