This postal book is worth a lot of money – that’s what it is

If there’s a passbook that is worth a lot of money, it’s probably an old family investment. In fact, it is not possible today to open a post office book and imagine getting rich: the interests are of the order of “zero-point” and the most convenient investment methods are certainly others, perhaps more risky.

Today the postal book is mainly used to keep money in deposit: elderly people use it to get their pension credited, or it is useful to keep money for a child, who will find a small sum when he is of age. In short, if you want to make money with a postal book, it can be very difficult. Even if the booklet is from some elderly relative who is expecting a large sum. Here because.

Old postal book: are you already rich?

Finding an old postal book has meant, for years, thinking of being rich without knowing it. It happened not so frequently that an elderly relative forgot a sum in a booklet for many years. With the consequence that the capital, perhaps even reaching the heirs, had become exorbitant.

Recently in the local chronicles there are several episodes that have become known, regarding elderly people who have deposited figures in old lire between the 40s and 50s of the twentieth century, finding themselves a booklet potentially worth 300,000 euros. In reality, this possibility is now denied by the current legislation, which extinguishes dormant deposits for over 10 years.

To keep a postal booklet “alive”, in fact, it is necessary to move the sum in one direction or another over a period of ten years. It goes without saying that if you have found an old libretto with no movements, perhaps for fifty years, it may already be extinct.

The old postal booklet is dormant! What to do?

If you have found an old dormant postal book it is very likely that the sum that was deposited has already been paid into the fund managed by Consap. This is a fund into which the Italian Post Office is authorized to pay the figures of dormant investments for over ten years. Poste Italiane periodically publishes on its website the list of postal books at risk of forced extinction.

If you have a booklet, or if you know that one is handled too carefully in the family, it is advisable to promptly inquire about its status. The next deadline for the redemption of postal passbooks is October 2022, while the last is last June. Before October it is therefore necessary to check the status of your booklet and, if necessary, to handle it. Only in this way will your investment be safe.

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