This psychological thriller on Netflix shocked everyone. Password? Scandal

There is a new one psychological thriller on Netflix which shocked anyone who saw it thanks to its twists and turns. The password is only one: scandal! Let’s go immediately to find out what it is, but believe me: you will be amazed!

This psychological thriller on Netflix shocked everyone. Password? Scandal

The profession of man often, over time, becomes an integral part of his own character. Indeed, what good is a politician who does not lie or a lawyer who does not manipulate the truth to take advantage of it?

And here’s how the miniseries available on Netflix was born, a real psychological thriller, which left everyone speechless. This revolves around these two main characters, who both hide a big, immense truth that absolutely cannot be revealed.

While one of the two he manages to deny the reality of the facts even to himselfthe other is halfway between reality and lies, always trying to fight the truth that has tormented him for years. And so, episode after episode we begin to ask the question: “Will their truth ever come out?“.

Anatomy of a scandolo

And here’s the title of our psychological thriller available from April on Netflix: Anatomy of a scandal.

The TV series, or rather mini-series, is based on Sarah Vaughan’s novel of the same name, “Anatomy of a Scandal“and is made up of six long episodes. But what are you talking about? I’ll explain right away.

The story starts with the court case involving a British Parliament minister, James Whitehouse. Whitehouse is accused of sexually assaulting his parliamentary researcher and lover for several months now, Olivia Lytton.

But as one desperately tries to seek the truth around this judicial drama, a second strand of the story begins.

What sets this psychological thriller apart from others

Anatomy of a Scandal is not just the mere story of a trial, but it is a TV series that in six episodes questions the concepts of:

  • wealth
  • privilege
  • consent in a physical relationship

All three elements are intertwined in the story of James Whitehouse and Olivia Lytton. Olivia’s attorney Kate Woodcroft, a Queen’s Counsel, explains in detail how, even in modern society, it is still difficult for people to understand the concept of consent.

This is made even more evident by the fact that they live in one country – England – where marital rape was not legally considered rape until 1991.

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What is the plot of the TV series on Netflix

James Charles Whitehouse is an MP for the British Conservative Ruling Party, which is run by his childhood (and other) friend, Tom Southern. James lives in London with his wife, Sophie, played by Sienna Miller, who graduated in literature. The two met at Oxford University, where they studied together.

The couple lives a quiet life with their two children, Finn and Emily, until a tragedy overwhelms them. To find out what it is, you have to go back in time about five months when James began a relationship with an employee in May 2018. Olivia Clarissa Lytton.

After nights of passion, James himself, perhaps out of some sense of guilt towards his wife and children, decided to stop the clandestine story, in October 2018.

Only a week after the relationship ended, James sexually assaulted Olivia in an elevator in the House of Commons. After two weeks of silence, Olivia took matters into her own hands and decided to report the case to the police.

But this is just the story on the surface, because under the general line of the story there is much more to discover, a parallel universe.

It is a secret that certainly cannot be revealed. The psychological thriller on Netflix won’t just let you experience the process intensely between the deputy and his employee, but it will show you what is actually behind the story itself.

The main characters

Who are the main characters of the TV series “Anatomy of a Scandal”, the psychological thriller mini TV series created by Melissa James Gibson and David E. Kelley?

  • Rupert Friend: James Whitehouse
  • Sienna Miller: Sophie Whitehouse
  • Michelle Dockery: Kate Woodcroft
  • Naomi Scott: Olivia Lytton
  • Joshua McGuire: Chris Clarke
  • Josette Simon: Angela Regan

Well, what are you waiting for? Run on Netflix now and go and discover the secret that has upset everyone, or rather … the scandal!

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